Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ristorante La Buca @ Rimini, Italy

Italian food in a really cosy seaside restaurant in Rimini.....

While visiting Rimini, my friend insisted we went to his favourite restaurant in town (he used to work here and has many fond memories eating and chatting here with his friends).

The restaurant, called La Buca (which means "the hole" because of the layout of the restaurant) is located on the main street next to the beach area. We were really lucky we were there at that time, because they were 2 days away from closing...
(Apparently they can be closed for up to 2 months during the off season):
The restaurant...

After my friend and the restaurant owner gave each other big bear hugs and yattered on in Italian (although the owner, and most of the waiters, do speak some English), we settled down at the table.

I didn't even get to look at the menu because the nice owner said he would bring us the best, authenticly local dishes possible. That night, we started off with the Fish Carpaccio:
Italian sashimi...

Yum. I usually dislike raw food (I don't like the mushy texture once you get to the 3rd or 4th chew) but these thin slices of fish, simply topped with some vinegar and olive oil, were fresh and delicious.
(There was maybe a tad too much vinegar, making it a bit too sour, but overall it was good)

We were also served a nice shrimp cocktail and herbed pan fried potato wedges which were nice... but my dinner companion dug into them too quickly, ruining any photo opportunity.
*grumble pout*

Ah well.
Next was the dish that stole my heart that night - the simple yet perfect Pizza Margherita:
Simplicity at its best...

I have tasted Pizza Margherita before and I think it's the hardest to get exactly right because you cannot mask any imperfections by just, let's say, dumping lots of cheese or other ingredients on top of it.

But this pizza, well... it was everything I could ask for - thin crispy base (no hint of starchiness) topped with a layer of tasty, piquant tomato based sauce.
(I was told that it's THAT good because their pizza chef is from Napoli... where pizzas are said to have originated from)

Up next, we were served the Penne Asiana:
My heap of pasta...

Overall, this was ok - the owner explained this was his own special recipe, with the perfectly al dente tubes of pasta coated generously with a thick, slightly spicy and creamy tomato base sauce.
(Good for warming me up on that slightly chilly night)

I was more than completely stuffed by then and we quickly yelled "STOP please thankyouverymuch" to the owner - he told us that he had arranged for some fish and meat next... *lol* So kind of him, but do I really look like I can eat so much ah?.

Still, somehow, I found space for dessert (as I always do... haha).

Admittedly *blush* I don't even know what this is called. All I heard was "chocolate" and something in Italian and I immediately said "YES!":
Chocolate pastry...

Overall, this was ok (The pastry was a little dry) - I think I was way, waaaaaay too full already so I couldn't appreciate it as I should....

Tummies bulging, we sat and chatted for a bit (well, or mostly, my friend chatted with his Italian friends who, coincidentally, were also dining there that night), washing down the thousands of calories with some lovely expressos.

What a night! - Italian hospitality is wonderful, I must say. :)
(The generous restaurant owner refused to accept payment from me - not sure if he took payment from my friend instead, they were talking in Italian *pout*)

So, it's: I'm definitely biased! :) My friend knows the owner well so it's entirely likely that we received special food & attention but if the crowd there is any indication (on a week night, in a small town!) then this is the best place to get great tasting, freshly made Italian food in Rimini....

Summary Information:
Ristorante La Buca @ Rimini, Italy

Opening Hours: You should call to check - they close during "off season" months
Phone: +39 54123778
Address: Lungomare Tintori (Zona Porto), 5, 47900 Rimini, Italy


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  1. oh no! i got to have pizza today.

  2. faint! yummie .. dessert is the killer i tell you.. how la.. (This week has been bad too! gymmmmmm!)

  3. The pasta looks very small to me. I don't like the portions in Italy. So tiny la! Except the pizza...but that's because I buy them in squares! =P

  4. to QuiRkY-Malaysia:
    Well, why not? :) :) Pizza is yummy! :) :)

    to CUMI & CIKI:
    What's life without dessert though? :)
    (Hmmm, well I've been really really bad. :( :( Too much work + was sick so haven't gone to the gym for 2 weeks already...)

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Well, actually it was pretty big leh...
    (maybe my photo angle is not so good?)
    ... but the again *respek!* you can eat a lot so there's a chance it may not be enough for you...

  5. That must rank as one of your finest Italian meals of all time, in a real ristorante, real romatika italianosritas complete with the best pizzariastezas deliciosta al fantatiska ggGraciousmetiostimi !
    So very nice ! You should have stayed there forever ...

  6. Sudah tengok the pizza pic got to change makan plans to pizza :)

  7. to backStreetGluttons:
    Haha - well, I definitely enjoyed myself, and wish that I could have stayed for longer... but no enough marnee lah! :)

    to QuiRkY-Malaysia:
    Well, if you find a yummy pizza place in Malaysia - do tell/ blog about it asap, k? :) :)
    (Craving for good pizza!)


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