Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disaster of Sorts

A nightmare for most girls :)....

What happens when you go shopping with a friend (who has similar tastes) and then you meet up without telling each other that you're wearing THAT dress?:

Seeing double?...


And I was wondering why as that I walked into The Library, my dear friend S had this shocked looked on her face and kept pointing at me instead of the usual smile and friendly wave. :)
(Luckily we both have a great enough sense of humour/ love each other enough to be able to laugh it off immediately and not have a silly catfight or anything like that...)

Anyway, that night was my first time at the new-ish Library bar and restaurant in Cineleisure Damansara... Overall it was ok I guess - didn't try the food but found that there is a monstrous amount of different cocktails served there,... some of which are really funny!:
What an awkward drink to order!...

I actually ordered this drink, (as it came highly recommended by the waiter *LOL*) but well, it just tasted ok - fairly potent but minus points from me because I found the sweet, strong coconut liqueur flavour a bit cloying.
THE drink...

Still, it was a memorable night indeed!

Can't wait till the next time you and Al come down to KL, S!
(Then I can rub shoulders with "celebrities" again! Haha.... You know what I'm referring to.....)
:) :)


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  1. It's a different coloured dress! So ok what. :P

  2. well, if you see some strangers with the same dress.. then you might bitch about it :P different case if she's a good friend.

  3. a library bar? sounds cool. do we hafta be absolutely quiet inside? hehehehe...looking forward to posts on the food there. ;D

  4. to qwazymonkey:
    But it's the exact same cutting+print! So it's not ok! *whiiiiinee*

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    Either way, I think both of us wouldn't bitch at someone who has similar good taste. :P
    (Kidding, kidding...)

    to Nic (KHKL):
    Not at all - you can go against the norm and be as noisy as you want there! :)
    (Not sure about the food, but definitely want to go back to test out more of the cocktails - they have so so many different ones, from A to Z!)

  5. That's something I'm always afraid of! >P

  6. to bangsar bAbE:
    Haha... You are not the only one! :)

  7. Eh never see you there before ? So did you check out the big pint Hoegarden ? Merry Christmas to you

  8. to NyonyaChef:
    So is this one of your fave haunts? :)
    (I have only been there once so it would be very hard to spot me there, I guess.... Next time you call me, then you can easily see me there lah. Haha....)


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