Friday, December 04, 2009

London Photos

Desktop holiday for you... European Edition - London! :)....

By the time I arrived in London, after almost 2 weeks on holiday**, I have to admit - I was pretty worn out....
(Somewhere in between Tired and Zombie-fied...)

So, it was nice being able to crash at Lyn's place and have slow relaxing days just pottering about and not rushing out to see like 20 tourists spots in a day... :)
(Thanks Lyn! *hugs*)

When we did go out though, Lyn was a really good guide, and one of the places she brought me to which I really liked was the Saatchi Gallery in the Kensington area:
Outside the Saatchi Gallery.....

Although it's a pretty small gallery by London standards, it housed a fair amount of really interesting modern art pieces:
One of the gallery halls.....

Here I am trying to blend in with a painting that happened to be almost the same colour as my outfit that day. :)
Is the camouflage working? Haha.....

Other than paintings, there were also many interesting art pieces like this one...:
Is it a winding staircase to nowhere? Or a modern take on the double helix DNA?.....

.... and this one:
Cool mixed medium collage.....

... and this one:
Interesting, but kinda freaky at the same time.....

Here's one that gave me and Lyn a bit of a headache though *lol*:
They're making my head feel funnnnnyyyyy.....

Oh, and lastly, here's an art piece that I could really connect with!
Greedy snake. Tsk tsk.....

(I know exactly how that snake feels - just like how I feel after one of the numerous times I stuffed myself silly with too much yummy food because I have pretty much no willpower....)

Anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY! - I hope you enjoyed the photos... :)
(I'll post up the tourist-y photos in the next round)


** It's not that I'm spoilt but budget holidays are tiring! Lugging around a suitcase that's almost a third of my body weight (hey, jackets and other cold weather clothing weigh a lot!) really wrecked havoc on my knees. :(

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  1. always fun to try to interpret what modern/abstract art means! :D

  2. cool stuff. i hope you went to tate modern as well. weirdly cool stuff there..haha.

  3. to Sean:
    Definitely.... :)
    It's amazing how creative some ppl can be!

    to Ciki:
    Had so much fun. I just wish we had something like this here....

    to Nic (KHKL):
    Oh, I meant to go to the Tate Modern on the day before I left London... :)
    ... but I accidentally got caught up with shopping at Oxford Street instead.
    (Primark rocks! - so cheap! 5 pounds for a pair of office slacks....)

  4. cool special stuffs...something that cannot be found in Malaysia!!
    love your photos!

  5. to My Taste Heaven:
    Thanks. :)
    Glad that you enjoy it. :) :)

  6. Weeeee!!!!!!! That was a day no? I don't remember what else we did that day many things, so many places....

  7. to The Innovative Baker:
    I oso don't remember what we did each day - all I know is that everyday was fun!. :)
    (Am still thinking about those sexy gladiator shoes from Camden though. *sigh*)

  8. J: oh no!!!! I bought a pair of knee high boots because of the freakingly cold weather that's hitting Europe...Bleah!!!!

  9. to the innovative baker:
    But it's completely ok - because you need it for the freaky cold weather! :) *hugs*


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