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Bonjuk @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Perfect rainy weather food - Healthy Korean porridge (amongst other dishes) in Sri Hartamas......

(Feb 2010)

I'm devastated - Bonjuk is closed.

I guess my (roughly) once a month patronage and recommendations to my friends/ colleagues was not enough to keep it alive.
(J is made of fail *sigh*)
(Or maybe there are really THAT few people who want to pay more than RM12 for a bowl of porridge)


I don't know why, but I've always enjoyed a good bowl of porridge...
(Some people find it boring/ food only to be eaten when not well)

I also really like Korean food.... so when I heard of this Korean porridge place in Hartamas some time back, I just had to try it, and it quickly became one of my favourite places for some comfort food. :)
(Oops - missed out this photo earlier) Exterior of Bonjuk.....

Situated on the same row as the 5 a Sec laundrette (pretty much right next to the Black Hole/ opposite Nonbei), its simple inside but comfortable. It used to be a little too warm actually (especially after finishing off a big bowl of hot porridge!) but they have improved on the air-conditioning:
Simple setting inside.....

They started off serving pretty much only porridge (about 15 variations?, available in either a Medium or Large size) but have now expanded to include an extensive bibimbap selection as well as some noodles and meat dishes.
(I looked online and it turns out that its actually part of an international franchise!)

A popular choice here is the Beef & Mushroom Porridge - Medium (RM 11.95+):
The popular beef & mushroom porridge.....

Minced beef (sometimes a bit dry, mostly ok), and slices of mushroom lovingly stewed with rice till it comes together into a yummy, chunky yet smooth mix - it's yummy!... and not too salty too (they claim not to use any MSG), although salt addicts like me can just throw in some of the soup or kimchis they serve on the side (free with the porridge) to make it yummier:
Kimchi and beef.....

My usual though is the Kimchi porridge - Medium (RM 12.95+):
My kimchi porridge.....

This porridge comes with pieces of bouncey squid, and has a nice kimchi flavour (not too strong, but definitely evident) permeated thoughout the porridge broth and even in the rice granules. :)

Having had a long week, I ignored the fact that it was mid-day, and decided that it's the right time for a Lemon Sochu (RM 25+):

One word - strong.
(But I felt much more relaxed after that so I guess it worked...Haha....)

PS. GRRRRRRR to the PJ people who are on holiday today! - I want to be on holiday toooooo..... *pout*
(Haha.. Hope you're having a great day!)

So it's: Simple but comfortable setting, good selection of Korean porridges, bibimbap and some noodles and meat dishes, claims of no MSG! (yay!) BUT it can be a bit slow (sometimes) because they cook your porridge by order, not pre-cooked or en masse (which is good actually....) :)

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Bonjuk @ Hartamas
18, Grd Flr, Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM25/++ per person
Parking: OK (... but can be a bit difficult on weekdays)

** Approximation - Per person, 2 course meal without drinks

Telephone No.: 03-2300 2302
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat - 11am to 10pm, closed on Sundays


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  1. It's a holiday!!!! Fa la la la la, la la la la la.......

  2. to qwazymonkey:
    Very nice. I can so feel the love. :P

  3. It does look good!
    I read abt it also but I'm hardly in that area ;(

    Now they got bibimbap?? I want!

  4. to Wallis McFadden:
    Thanks for pointing it out. Will try to go there soon... :)
    (oh dear. Not really familiar with Kuchai Lama area though...)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Let's go one day... :) :)
    Whenever you're in the area, just give me a buzz - I'm always looking for kaki to eat at Bonjuk.

  5. the best part is, the porridge here has medicinal values. it did help to improve my digestive system - judging from the 'angin' i lepas-ed after the meal..hehe. and the food's delicious too!

  6. to Nic (KHKL):
    What a sexy image of you.

  7. Been years since I went to this place. Suddenly feeling wistful.

  8. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Years? Oh my.... Let's go there for lunch soon then! :) Some porridge + sochu will definitely help you overcome any wistfulness....

  9. to mer mer:
    My pleasure! :)


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