Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Zombie Dog On Wall

Random photo from Italy........ :)

Just felt like sharing this random photo from when I was walking around in Ancona, Italy:
Zombie Dog says, "ROWR!"...

Graffiti - is it art or just a nuisance? I guess the jury's still out on that, but I'd say that some of it's really nice. :)

I still love Banksy* best though - was very disappointed that I could not find any of his work in London, despite trying my best to keep my eyes open. :( :(

* He's a class of his own - instead of making money off merchandising (since he's quite famous now), he provides free high res images of some of his pieces on his website so that you can print your own tshirts/ cups/ posters/ etc! (for non-commercial reasons lah)

Anyways, random post over - Happy Tuesday everyone! :)


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  1. it's probably a nuisance to residents who hope to keep their area clean and tidy-looking, but it does add character and quirkiness to the neighbourhood, rite ... imagine how dull that wall would be without it :D

  2. well, no doubt that some of the so-called murals (or vandalism) are very creative...
    Just like the murals in front of the Pudu Jail wall... but our very own beloved govt plan to tear it down soon!!

  3. to Sean:
    Indeed! :)
    (Well, except when it's too crude a graffiti, I guess. Then its just like "EEyer. Wot's that [ enter name of naughty bit ] doing on the wall???".. Haha... )

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    In any case, the Pudu Jail mural is so badly maintained. :(
    I remember passing by it recently and thinking that it was so sad that it's flaking+fading away so much.


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