Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dot com

Saya sudah ber-dot com....

What would a girl do without:
- The voice of reason
"Hey, so how come your blog name is Memoirs of a Chocoholic but your url is - Isn't it kinda confusing?"

- Moral support
"Come on. You can do it! :)"

- The helping hand
*HUGS* (You know who you are! Couldn't have done this without you)

- The wise words of experience
"Eh, if you don't go .com then that fella is gonna NAG you for a year..."

Well,... with all this, and a small purchase from, I have now transferred my domain to a dot com last night.
(So, my new "home" is
(What do you think? Is it better/ more straightforward?)

It's just a small teeny weeny baby step really, as I have not changed the layout of my blog at all.... but well, thanks to everyone who helped inspire and execute this change - really appreciate it.


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  1. I spelled "chocAholic" wrong. Hurhur.

  2. to marcky:
    I prefer it this way lah - More emphasis on CHOCOlate. :P
    (If it's wrong then it's been wrong since the start)

  3. Woots! Hope to see ur shiny new blog template soon?

  4. congrats!!! will update accordingly :)

  5. .com .com .com Everyone is getting a .com I'm feeling left out LOL

    Congrats on the move/jump, so when is the big launch/party ?!? :D

  6. yay! (may you never lose your love for chocolate; otherwise you might have to change the name, hehe!) =)

  7. to the nomadGourmand:
    That would be the next step... but hafta but aside some time to plan it out... :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Thanks Leo! :)

    to justyoga:
    ... and if you don't mind sponsoring the launch party then, anytime! :P

    to Michelle Chin:
    Thanks! Couldn't have done it without some help from my friends.
    (I am SO lost at IT stuff)

  8. to Sean:
    I'm gonna find some chocolate to eat now - just to prove it to you!
    (Lol. Luv having a good? excuse to eat chocolate)

  9. No I mean I spelled it wrong. I got a problem with such spelling one. :S

  10. to Marcky:
    Ah! I tot u were teasing me for spelling it wrong! :)
    (Bcos I think it is chocAholic is the alternate spelling accepted in the dictionary? Could be wrong...)

  11. Grats sweetie!! Been a bit swamped with the move and all related panic attacks but hope to read your blog over at your new home soon! Happy moving to you too! :-)

  12. Congrats! Welcome aboard the dotcom ship ;)

  13. to minchow:
    Thanks! We are STILL overdue for that catch up btw but let's wait till u settle ur move lah. :)

    to Pureglutton:
    Haha. Thanks. It was about time I got jumping on this ship, I guess? :)


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