Thursday, March 31, 2011

Island Escape

Photo heavy post on a recent trip to Langkawi with friends....

Just a relaxing (non-food) post, inspired by a recent trip to the Langkawi (Taj Hotel Rebak Island Resort)...

Are you feeling gloomy? Maybe it's time to fly away:
Zoom zoom....

Quickly - Jump into your getaway boat and zoom off into the horizon:
Making waves along the way....

Make an escape into your hideaway home:
Loved the hotel villas we stayed in! Wished my house is this nice....

... but don't get too tempted by its comforts:
The room interior was nice too - very comfortable....

Find a spot on the beach, under the clear blue skies:
Sunny days are a beach holiday essential :)....

Time to RELAX! Sitting around, doing nothing is such a rare bliss:

When the sun starts to wane, enjoy the quiet moments, the tranquility:
The beautiful marina next to the island resort....

Savour the last lingering rays of the sun, before it takes a rest for the night:
Sunsets - always beautiful....

I love beach holidays.
.. and this was one that felt very long overdue - Really enjoyed taking the time off (just a long weekend) with friends to enjoy the wonderfulness of doing nothing** by the beach.
(** By doing nothing, what I really mean is: chit chatting, eating, drinking and relaxing to our hearts' content)

Slightly more tan,

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  1. demmit! this is mean. i am sitting in a smalll hotel room in ho chi minh looking at your pics and wondering what the hell am i NOT on a beach! need beach soon.....

  2. "Time to RELAX! Sitting around, doing nothing is such a rare bliss:"

    Like that pic :D ... oh and you didn't need to come purposely tell me about the truffle/seaweed butter, lol. After all when you eat 3-4 meals a day, and blog about a meal a month ago ... that's already like 'one hundred meals ago,' of course might forget one or two little details :P

  3. to chindiana:
    Well at least ur travelling! I'm stuck in the office. :( :(

    to timing:
    Thanks. :)
    (I like that pic too - just wish that I was still in that moment instead of being in the office now! lol)

    .. and of course have to tell lah. If not how lah if you go to Sage and ask them how come they don't give you any truffle butter? :P

  4. i want a vacation too! maybe if i close my eyes, wiggle my toes and wish really hard, i'll suddenly be in venice when i open my eyes! gonna try it now ... wish me luck! :D

  5. to Sean:
    Please tell me immsediately if it works so that I can start WIGGLE-WIGGLE-WIGGLING my toes too! :D

  6. greetings from venice! having breakfast by the canal now (fresh-caught mussels with a light pesto sauce). weather is lovely, very breezy. will send you a postcard! :D

  7. *wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-WIGGGGGLE*
    Am I wiggling wrongly? Why's it not working? *wail*

  8. nice legs!

    Funny you mentioned it. I'm normally ready for an island holiday every 3 weeks;)

  9. to Ciki:
    Thanks babe. Coming from you, that's a really big compliment! :)

    Me? I'm ready for an island holiday ANYTIME! :) :)
    (But the bank account always constrainsssss)

  10. hurrayday. i could do with an island escape real soon:D

  11. to missyblurkit:
    Me too. Altho I just came back from one, already want to go for another one soon! :)

  12. Looks like a great place to go on holiday. You must have had a wonderful time!

  13. to Spencer:
    Indeed! :) Had a great time and now I wish I can go back soon.
    (Luv relaxing beach holidays...)


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