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My Diet Cafe @ Taman Cheras, KL

Cute lil' cafe with a quirky name in Cheras - (What) Do I Eat Today Cafe :) ....

I don't venture into Cheras very much (for fear of being caught in MASSIVE traffic jams).... but of course when given the chance to catch up with some darling, intelligent and funny people, I will travel to where ever, with the added bonus that it was to a restaurant that they love (that I haven't tried before):
Outside My Diet Cafe....

Still, I have to admit: I was feeling a bit wary as I circled the block of shophouses looking for My Diet Cafe - the area, Cheras Business Centre, had been easier than expected to find with the aid of Google Maps... but many of the shophouses were pubs (with dodgy signboards/ advertising) and I think I even saw some sort of "hotel"/motel around there...

It felt safe enough though (with plenty of parking available), on that sunny weekend morning, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the cafe interior was very nice - modern yet very cosy:
Inside the restaurant....

Scanning the menu, I thought that there was a pretty wide range of choices, ranging from light eats (eg. salads and sandwiches) to heavier options that sounded very interesting (eg. miso crusted steak).

I was feeling peckish while waiting, so I ordered the Tomato soup (RM 9+):
Tasty tomato soup....

Overall, it was pretty good - thick enough without being stodgy and with a nice tart tomato flavor. :)

Soon after, everyone arrived and there was a flurry of ordering. We really ate quite a lot between the 5 of us, so I'll try to keep the descriptions short and sweet...

- Prawns in Spicy Tomato Sauce (RM 12+):
My portion of the crustaceans....

Not bad. Prawns were fresh and not overpowered by the slightly garlicky and spicy tomato based sauce.

- Sauteed Button Mushrooms (RM 10+):
Bowl of mushrooms....

Also not bad. Mushrooms were fresh and complemented by the fairly light sauce.

- Calamari Rings (RM 8+):
Crispy sotong rings....

Lightly battered and fried till golden brown - crispy yet still with nicely bouncey "meat" within. :)

- Prawn Caesar Sandwich (RM 16+):
Et tu!....

Decent panini texture (not starchy. yay!) enveloping the creamy yet light mix of caesar dressing, cheese, greens and lovely smokey prawns.

- Chicken Parmagiana (RM 26+)
Cheesy chicken! - not so good for waistline? lol....

Cheesey, tomato-ey, topped with slices of tender eggplant and fairly tender chicken.
:) :)

- Mushroom Risotto (RM 18+):
Wholesome Italian comfort food....

Very tasty but felt decadent/ heavy as it was very creamy - best to be shared, I think.
(Really liked the crispy parmesan wafers that came with it - complemented the creamy risotto texture well)

- Bangers and mash (RM 19+)
Stack of yummy wieners....

Quality sausages, tasted good but it wasn't my favourite dish as the onion sauce was a bit on the sweet side.
(All just a matter of taste lah - I'm more of a savoury/ salty person)

- Pesto Pasta (RM 16+):
So simple yet so good....

So simple but delicious. Al dente pasta coated with a tasty, fragrant pesto which they prepare in-house (I think I tasted basil and pine nuts in the mix).

- Bread n butter pudding (RM 10+):
Dessert 1....

Ok lah. Not bad but would have liked the bread layer to be a bit more moist.

- Warm Chocolate Cake (RM 15+):
Sort of like a chocolate fondant....

Also just ok - found the cake texture a bit too "gloopy" but it was interesting how they served it with a thick, creamy mint sauce at the side.

- Mama Panna cotta (RM 10+):
Jiggly jiggly....

Nice. Fragrant, jiggly panna cotta topped with yummy strawberries.

- Apple crumble (RM 10+):
Tart apple crumble....

Quite nice. Moist chunks of apple that were not too sweet/sour nestled in a crispy "cup" filled with crunchy crumble.

What a lovely day! :)
Got to catch up with some people that I don't get to see quite as often as would be nice, and got to meet a new friend too. *waves to CS*
(Isn't it wonderful how a common interest, in this case food, can bring people together?)

So it's: Nice casual, cosy ambience, friendly service, good range of western food for reasonable prices BUT nothing bad really, just that I heard that parking/ traffic in the area is a PAIN on weekdays - so, go check it out on weekends?......

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

My Diet Cafe @ Taman Cheras, KL
No. 27, Jln 3/101C, Cheras Business Centre, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 40++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-9130 1700
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 10am - 12midnight
Sat to Sun: 8am - 12midnight



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- Masak-Masak

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  1. The infamous Diet Cafe! There's no journeys to Cheras more worthwhile than a journey for food! Still absolutely clueless as to the whereabouts of this place but worth getting lost for the risotto, I reckon!

  2. Oo awesome! I'm always in the area after chauffeur'ing my sisters to their ballet lessons & find myself not knowing what to eat, so gotta go try.

    Food doesn't seem very "diet" thought :o

  3. to minchow:
    All for the love of food! :)
    (Hey, we are still overdue for our catch up session btw)

    to timing:
    Cool. Hope you enjoy it! :)
    (Hee hee hee, maybe they meant fattening diet, not slimming diet?)

  4. I can't wait to go on a DIET!

  5. Food portion is quite small for the price >.<

  6. me toooooo! i haven't eaten AT ALL in cheras in more than two years! i wonder if i'd still recognize it as being in KL, heheh :D

  7. Food looks soooo good! sorry I missed it la. and sorry i missed you guys. Hope Marian organizes again! Pls pls plssss :P

  8. Waitaminute. Aren't all wieners by definition yummy wieners? ;)

  9. to babe_kl:
    LOL. Yeah but if only all diets could be as yummy as this Diet Cafe. :)

    to choi yen:
    Hmmm. Maybe it's expensive for the Cheras area?, but I don't find the serving size too small.
    (Especially as compared to some places in Bangsar/Mont Kiara/KL City Centre)

    to Sean:
    LOL. Only one way to find out?
    (Time for a Cheras expedition!)

    to ciki:
    U'd better talk to the Food Fairy Godmother about that.... :)

    to Life for Beginners:
    U r a very lucky boy if u've only come across yummy wieners in your life. :P

  10. true, it seems expensive in cheras area. but i am quite satisfy with the portion.
    went there some times back :) hehe. truly enjoy the dishes


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