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Restoren Highland Fish @ Bandar Menjalara, KL

Venturing to Menjalara/ Kepong for some fish fresh from a hill(??) :) ....

Note: Apologies - I don't have the receipt/ exact prices for the meal below, but it only cost around RM 25 per person (including drinks and a few shared desserts).

I don't venture much into the Kepong/ Bandar Menjalara area because despite how near it is to where I live, the (EVIL) RM 1.60 per way toll has been a bit of a deterrent.

Anyway, there's actually tonnes of new and not so new restaurants around there serving a variety of yummy food, one of which is Restoren Highland Fish in the general Medan Putra Business Centre area:
Outside Highland Fish....

The food they serve is mainly Taiwanese and the environment is simple but comfortable - love how it is clean, brightly lit and air conditioned:
Inside the restaurant....

The speciality here (as highlighted on their name/ signboard) is the Highland Fish, Tilapia, which has been specially bred/ raised in fresh spring water somewhere in a lake on Bukit Tinggi. There are 3 preparation styles for this, and we tried the one with Basil sauce and one with Ginger sauce:
Fish with Basil Sauce....
Fish with Ginger Sauce....

Both fishes were a bit on the small side, but tasted fresh, accentuated by the simple sauces. I preferred the Ginger sauce though, as that was more flavorful....
(The basil sauce was interesting, but a little on the bland side)

Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with the Seasoned Mutton - although it was tender, there was a fairly strong gamey aftertaste that many would not like:
Tender Mutton....

Luckily, the Sanbeiji (3 Cups Chicken?) which we ordered was really, REALLY good, redeeming any flaws in the previous dishes:

This is a popular Taiwanese dish, but many restaurants can't get the balance of the 3 ingredients (sesame oil, soy sauce, Chinese wine) right. Here, not only was the chicken perfectly tender, but the slightly sticky sauce was fragrant with a great balance of sweet and salty, with an added complexity from the fresh basil added in.

Another dish that I really enjoyed that night was the Wintermelon Scallop Soup:
Hearty soup....

It had been lovingly double boiled with lots of quality ingredients like scallop, melon and cuttlefish, achieving the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. (Yummy!)

The other dishes we had were also worth ordering:
- Beancurd with Minced Pork:

Simple preparation but yummy - Smooth cubes of tofu lightly fried and served with a tasty, savoury pork mince sauce.

- Simmered Pork:
The pork....

Tender pieces of pork, not too lean/fat in a savoury sauce.

- Deepfried Crispy Eggplant:
The Eggplant....

Lightly crisp thick slices of eggplants, complemented well by the fragrant pork mince sauce.

- Stirfried Teenchat with Kei Chi:
Interesting, healthy vegetable dish....

This was an interesting dish, lightly sweet flavour from the kei chi (wolfberries) and the leaves had a crunchy but slightly gummy texture (akin to ladies fingers) - it's supposed to be good for your health (liver, I think?).

Overall, (other than the mutton) it was a really lovely meal. Even now, weeks later, I am having cravings for the Sanbeiji and the soup, served with some rice.

So it's: Simple setting, friendly service, good range of Taiwanese food for reasonable prices BUT nothing bad really, just that I heard that parking/ traffic in the area is a PAIN on weekdays - so, go check it out on weekends?......

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Restoren Highland Fish @ Bandar Menjalara, KL

No. 61, Jalan Medan Putra 1, Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Menjalara, Kuala Lumpur

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM 23++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-6272 4492
Opening Hours:
Lunch - 10am till 3pm
Dinner - 5pm till 10pm



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  1. it's the jam at the ldp-kepong toll plaza that scares me away! but i'm always in the market for good fish, so yeah, maybe someday :D

  2. For me the 3 cup chicken is the most important criteria for a good taiwanese restaurant. If the 3 cup chicken fail and the other dishes pass, I wouldn't even think of going to that restaurant again.

  3. to Sean:
    Oh yeah, that too! Can you imagine: So jammed and some more have to pay 2xRM1.60 toll? *faints*
    (Definitely better to visit on a weekend)

    to Michelle Chin:
    Me too! :)
    That's my favourite dish at Taiwanese restaurants...

  4. oo.. u blogged di.. so delish hor;)

  5. RM1.60 is not really much to pay but somehow Kepong will not come to my mind for a meal... don't know why! The fact that Kepong is nothing short of good places to eat coz Jenn used to live there for a few years and we would always go nearby restaurants to check out :) ah! those were the days! NOwadays we always go to those convenient to us.. coz having 2 litle monsters in tow make things difficult

  6. to Ciki:
    Yarr. Love the chicken there! And the soup too. *drool*
    (Quickly! Where's your post? - I want to see all the sexy food shots a la Ciki...)

    to thule aka leo:
    Haha.. I guess everyone (including me) is usually guilty of always returning to the areas/ restaurants that they are familiar with. :)

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  8. Wow, seems yummy!! I want them! ><

  9. Yeah, that RM1.60 toll + crazy traffic make me stay away from Kepong. Unless rif drives. :P

  10. to encik ADAM:
    Sounds like a really exciting and fun contest... Unfortunately I can't make it to Fullhouse on Thursday, but I'll go have a look at your website soon. :)

    to Darren:
    Go there and eat the Sanbeiji! It not just looks yummy, it tastes good too. :)

    to Bangsar-bAbe:
    LOL. Well, that's love, right?
    (And I'm sure you make it up to him in other ways)

  11. EVIL toll haha, damn right! I avoid that area like a plague - it's really the tolled jam that I have an issue with, not so much the actual toll itself! I have developed an intense dislike for steamed whole fish too, for some strange reason. Looks like everything is in its right place, hehe!

  12. to minchow:
    Lol. Poor fishies. Why do u dislike it? Can be really nice when it's fresh.

  13. Wahaha...part of the reason why I don't visit my sister often. Because of the toll! But if I do happen to visit her, will take her and go try this place lar ;)

  14. to UnkaLeong:
    Haha... Well, hope that you and your sis enjoy the food there. :)

  15. This is Unkaleong's sister - he never visits and I don't think the it's because of the RM1.60 toll. Loved your write up and can't wait to go try it.. My hubby loves "san bei ji"

  16. to Unkaleong's sister & Unkaleong:
    I guess it's been decided what's for dinner tonight then? :) :)

    (Thanks! Nice meeting you. And make sure Unka buys you n ur hubby dinner to make up for not visiting often enough....)

  17. to PureGlutton:
    Yarr.... Me too! So yummy, right? - when its fresh it only needs a simple preparation. :)

  18. i pass by this new place last week and wasnt sure how it was. how timely for you now to blog about this place, great to add to the list of eateries in Kepong

  19. To babe_KL:
    So many places to eat around Kepong! *pening*

    but hope that u enjoy the food if u go to this restaurant!


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