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Chateau d' Esclans Wine Pairing Dinner @ Chinoz KLCC

Pink is quickly becoming my favourite colour...

This is an invited review.
(So, here are my usual disclaimers)
1) I have not been paid to write this, but neither have I paid a cent for my meal,
2) I will still be as objective as possible re. the food/ restaurant, and
3) If I go back to the restaurant incognito and find that the food/service is horribly different from this experience, I will amend my ratings here...

It is no small feat that Chinoz has been opened in Suria KLCC since the very start (1998! How time flies):
Near the main entrance of KLCC, facing the park and fountain...

So, to put it lightly, they must be doing something right all these years. :)

That night, we were seated in a nice private area inside, simple but sophisticated. I liked it, but if it was a cool night, I would have loved to sit outside and enjoy the night sky:
Private dining area - sophisticated, quiet and cosy...

The view outside...

I was there a little early, so I milled around, sipping on bubbly and was struck by how beautiful the wines are - they looked almost magical, glowing from within. When I looked at the label and read "Whispering Angel", I thought, "What a fitting name!":
An array of beautiful wines...

Gorgeous glow...

- Following a few short words from our hosts, we started off with the Asiatic Hor D'ouvres, a mix of spiced "popcorn" shrimp, "roti jala" duck and a foie gras maki:
Matched with a Chateau d' Esclans Whispering Angel
3 different types of yummy appetizers...

Look how pretty the wine is!...

All 3 parts of the starter were faultless, and I particularly enjoyed the slightly spicy and crispy bites of prawn.

I had sort of expected the pretty salmon pink wine to be overwhelmed by the spices (as my perception of rosé wines is that they are kinda weak and girly)... but I guess you should never judge a book by it's cover. :)

While it tasted refreshing because it was lightly chilled, flavour-wise the wine held its own very well, with a sophisticated mix of tastes and (again, surprisingly) medium body. It was also relatively dry as compared to the rosés I have tasted thus far.

- Black Cod with Abalone:
Matched with a Chateau d' Esclans Les Clans and a Chateau d' Esclans Les Clans Garrus
Rich tasting but full of good fish oil...

Again, the wine is just so beautifully coloured...

The different flavours of the sea, paired together and balanced with some citrus tones, turned out beautifully. Although the abalone could have been a bit more tender, it went well with the rich taste of the oily black cod.

As for the 2 wines, both went matched well with the fish - each with their own elegance and varying complexities. They were both delicious, of course,... but it was the Garrus (which is the pride of the winery) that stood out to me. It has an added depth of woodiness to the already beautifully complex bouquet, and an impressively long finish.

I really liked this wine and I wish I could describe it better... :(
Anyway, to sum it up in simple words, it was DELICIOUS, YUMMY, WONDERFUL. :)

- Sous vide Lamb Loin with Sze Zhuan Pepper:
Matched with a Chateau d' Esclans Whispering Angel Rouge
Coated with pepper - robust without being overwhelming...

Beautiful purple red hue and well rounded flavours...

The lamb was deliciously tender, robust flavours but without that horrid gamey taste that tend to affect ovine meats. This was accentuated by the well rounded red wine, with its mix of berry flavours.

- Assiette de amarillo:
Platter of different desserts...

The interesting mix of sweet, sour, moist and crunchy desserts also went down well... I love it when there is a variety of small bites to sample - just wish there was something chocolatey in the mix too.

- 3 very talented and affable men:
(They are not on the menu, but definitely an important part of that night...)
A sincere love for wine makes the world a smaller, happier place, right? :)...

It was wonderful that the very experienced and passionate Gert Lehmann from Chateau D'Esclans had flown in all the way from Europe to share his knowledge and love of rosé wines with us.
(Hopefully one day I can really visit this beautiful winery, owned by the famous Sacha Lichine, in the Provence region of France)

Thank you to:
1) Gert Lehmann from Chateau D'Esclans for his company and patience (with this girl who knows next to nothing about wines),
2) The management and chefs of Chinoz for the wonderful meal, and
3) Jonathan from Albert Wines for the kind invite! (You rock!)

BTW: If you want more details on Albert Wines (they export, wholesale and retail a wide range of spirit and alcohol brands), do check out their official website: Click here.

As for the food described here, it was specially designed to match the wines but if you want something similar, you can enquire directly with the restaurant.
(Contact details below)

Summary Sheet:

Chateau d' Esclans Wine Pairing Dinner @ Chinoz on the Park, KLCC

G47 Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Price** : Call restaurant to ask
Parking: OK

** Can be customised according to your event

Telephone No.: 03-2166 8277
Opening Hours: 11am - late
Parking: OK



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  1. cod with abalone on one plate! that's a combo i haven't tasted before :D and gosh, i didn't even realize there was a private dining area here, heheh

  2. cod and abalone! pwhoar! so rich!

  3. WHOA! looks soo good.. why never invite me.. hehe:P

  4. to Sean:
    I never noticed it before too - it's tucked away in the far end, past the main dining area....

    to Michelle Chin:
    It was yummy :D

    to Ciki:
    LOL. Sorry. I will scold the organisers on your behalf. :P

  5. to a humble Taiping Kaki:
    Yeah it was yummy :)

  6. PINK POWER!! It was our pleasure to have you join us at the dinner and our mission to spread the "pink" gospel. We wear pink on the outside and in. Roses rock!

  7. to The Wine Zen:
    Yeah! PINK POWER! :)
    (You were so rockin' that pink tie that night....)

    Awww. It was my pleasure being there. Thanks again....


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