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Goku Raku Ramen @ Midvalley Megamall, KL

Just a short post: Tasty new ramen place (with a great opening promotion - 50% discount!)....

It was just another regular weekend back in KL - Tired from my recent trip, I went for a facial at my usual place in Midvalley...
(Hey, a girl's gotta try her best to maintain her looks, or whatever's left of it, right? :P)

I then made my way to FOS (luv this place for the affordable flip flops and cute tshirts!) when I stumbled across a new (non Halal) ramen place just next to it - Goku Raku Ramen, which at that time had only been opened for 2 days.

There was a short waiting list to get in, but it was managed efficiently and soon, I was seated:
Wow. There's a pretty long line outside!....

Inside, the pace was frenetic, with the wait staff zipping around trying to cope with the weekend rush of customers - kudos to them though as no matter what, they remained calm and friendly:
Modern and comfortable setting inside....

Instead of the usual gyoza, I started off with a grilled item - Yaki Tomato Maki (Cherry tomato wrapped with bacon) (RM 6.90++):
Bacon and tomatoes are such an awesome combination....

While it lacked a smokey (bbq) aroma that would have made it even yummier, this was a decent eat with the nicely charred bacon that was still moist and not too salty, matched well with the slightly tart and juicy cherry tomatoes.
(Definitely would order this again...)

There were a variety of rice dishes/sets but I thought I should try the ramens instead, since it is their speciality. Of course, their opening promotion (50% DISCOUNT ON ALL RAMENS, from 3 June till 16 June 2011) may have helped form this choice. :)
(It's such a good deal!)

I chose the recommended Goku Raku Ramen (RM 9.95++ promotion price, RM 19.90++ if at full price):
Their house speciality....

The soup is fairly thick, and was a delicious mix of pork, chicken with a hint of fish - it sounds strange but it was a delightful combination of flavours that was complex and savoury, without being overly salty or cloying:
(Apparently this is a special recipe, lovingly stewed over 48 hours, gotten from a master ramen connoisseur in Japan - Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu)
Comes with pork (chasu) slices and optional egg....

As for the ramen noodles, they are the slightly thicker kind, still with some "bounce" but definitely with more bite as compared to the usual thinner and "QQ" (bouncey/springy) type ramen.

If I had only one gripe though, is that the optional egg (RM 1++) that I ordered as a topping was moist, but did not have that semi runny yolk that I love. Still, I think I have found a new favourite ramen place....
(I just hope they are able to successfully maintain their quality - so many places seem to falter as time passes/ they open more outlets......)

So it's: Modern ambience, friendly service, good range of delicious ramens BUT nothing really bad, just that some of the prices are on the high side and traffic in the area can be bad during peak hours......

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Goku Raku Ramen @ Midvalley KL

Lot S25 & S26, Level 2 Mid Valley City., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 38++ per person
Parking: Limited

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2282 3924
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm
Official Website: Click HERE



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  1. i want to read about NYC!!

    talking about ramen, its time to go hunt for some..

  2. oooh, the 'goku raku' ramen broth looks really different from the 'ultimate tonkotsu' broth ... yours looks almost golden, like the chef mixed a runny egg yolk into the soup! very attractive, actually! :D

  3. they should hire me to make the egg. actually, making the egg is not difficult but takes a lot of work and patience!

  4. Hmm... that egg is definitely overcooked, lol! MV can always do with a new food outlet!
    Btw, welcome back!

  5. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Sorry to disappoint you but you will have to wait for a little while. :)
    (Will try to speed up but gosh! - haven't even finished sorting through all the photos I took yet)

    to Sean:
    Hmmm... maybe give it another try during their promotion period? Since it's 50% off so no loss giving it a 2nd chance right?
    (I'm hoping to go back again too - but maybe will not try the Ultimate Ramen... ;P)

    to Michelle Chin:
    Haha.. Yeah, I think you should send them your resume and save them from this egg situation.

    to PureGlutton:
    True! Somehow its strange right? Midvalley+Gardens is such a big place but sometimes I feel a bit bored of the food....
    (And thanks! *hugs* Goof to be back)

  6. Ditto what Joe said! And hmm... the non-seasoned egg seems to be an issue here lah... for me also.

    But worth at least a try - maybe I'll head there tomorrow for lunchie, yay! :)

  7. to Life for Beginners:
    Hope you enjoy the ramen... :)
    (And: Patience is a virtue. :P)

  8. Oh dear. I worry about what you just said about patience... :P

  9. ve vant USA post!! USA! USA!

  10. to dahling Kenny:
    LOL. U caught me there! Unfortch am dealing with some stuff in Real Life so havent had enough time to even sort through my photos properly! :)

    to dahling Ciki:
    I vill try my very bestest! :)

  11. Hope to have lunch here tmw.. and hope i order something diff!;p

  12. Any other items caught your attention except the ramen? :)

  13. yay... new place to go :)

  14. to thenomadGourmand:
    Hmmm. I kinda know how this turned out oredi so feelin kinda sad :(
    (Interested to see how u blog on this tho...)

    to jason:
    There are some rice dishes there (Stamina Don?) which look interesting... but didn't try any.

    to ai wei:
    Try to go during the promo period n see whether u like it - it's kinda sad but seems that in these few days, the quality was become a bit inconsistent... :(

  15. to A humble Taiping kaki:
    Oooh. There's bacon? Will look out for that, thanks. :)
    (Luv bacon!)

  16. I went to eat there! :D Didn't know it was on offer so when the bill came, we quietly paid and ran. Later we found out it is on offer :P Ramen wise its nice but I agree with you about the egg. I much prefer the egg at Marutama Ramen @ Fahrenheit 88. Its RM2 but its a perfect onsen egg :)

  17. Wah looks packed! Hmm the egg overcooked :(

  18. Found a Goku Raku Ramen voucher to get free Annin Tofu or Kobuta Meshi.

    Check out here


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