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Shake Shack @ NYC

Sinking my teeth into a famous NYC burger....

Sorry it's been a while since my last update - have been drowning in work and Real Life since coming back from New York..

Anyway, *TAH-DAH!* This is my first NYC post. :)

One of the best guide books that my friends Josh & Pris lent me was the Zagat book - short on time and with that being my first time in NY, it was an absolute Godsend.

Of course, many restaurants in that book were completely out of my budget range/ out of the way, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a simple (almost fast food-y) and conveniently located eatery listed as one of the best burger places to visit:
Outside the Shake Shack on the Upper East Side....

Obviously, a lot of New Yorkers are also in on this fact, as Shake Shack, which has 5 branches at various locations around NYC, was PACKED:
Long line at around lunch time....

Some subsequent Googling revealed that the lines at Shake Shack are pretty infamous actually. We were pretty lucky though, since we went at a slightly off peak hour, so it didn't take too long (10mins at most) and we were given a Shake Shack Buzzer after we made our order/payment:
When it shakes, then it's your turn :)....

A short wait and a buzz later, we collected our orders. :)

Admittedly, the Single Shackburger (USD 4.50++) is not much to look at - just a simple burger, wrapped in some waxed paper:
Zero points for presentation. lol....

The taste was also very simple, but I mean this in the best way possible. :)

No fancy ingredients - lettuce, tomato slices, cheese, bun and a meat patty - same as any other burger but perfectly executed, with all the necessary parts just right: crisp, fresh, oozey, fluffy and juicy (in that order).

The star of the show was definitely the patty - freshly ground meat (a mix of sirloin and brisket), lightly charred on the outside, moist inside and fragrantly beef-y. All in all, a delicious mix of delightfully straightforward flavours.
(Yummy! And you can wash it down with an order of beer or wine - something you can't find in a Malaysian fast food joint)

The Fries (USD 2.65++) were also pretty yummy - crinkle cut, fresh taters that were crisp on the outside and still fairly moist inside:
(Online reviews seem to indicate that the quality of the fries can be a bit erratic though)
Deep fried carbs are so delicious when done well....

There are also a few hot dogs on the menu - the Bird Dog (USD 4.40++) was just kinda normal though. Nothing to really fault, but it just paled in comparison to the burger:
(LOL. So cute - It's named as such because it's a chicken sausage)
Is it a bird? Is it a (hot)dog? No! It's a Bird Dog!....

I also did not really like the dessert I had - Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunchcrete (USD 6.50++):
A very sinful treat....

When I saw that it was a mix of Chocolate custard, peanut butter sauce, chocolate toffee and chocolate sprinkles, I thought it was a sure winner (since I love chocolate and peanut butter).... but this thick dessert was just way too sweet for me to really enjoy (and I don't even want to start thinking about how many calories are in it).

It makes me kinda sad just looking at these photos and thinking of New York.... I really hope I have the chance to visit it again soon.
(Here's hoping that the world doesn't really end in 2012!)

Still suffering from PHB (Post Holiday Blues),

So, it's: Simple, yummy burgers for fairly reasonable prices BUT limited menu and it's a popular place so be prepared to wait for a table....

Summary Information:;
Shake Shack @ NYC

Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm
Phone: +1 646 237 5035
Address: Various, but the one I went to was at 154, East 86th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Ave)
Website: Official website



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  1. I think generally American desserts are wayyy too sweet for our tastebuds, lol!

  2. Any other healthier stuff? I am not huge on burgers and the likess....

  3. Cheer up J! I am sure you'll be able to make it back there, and in any case, you've at least seen and eaten NYC! Now need you to focus your energy into churning out them posts! :-)

  4. Makes me hungry and there is not ant decent burgers in KL- sob sob

  5. Not quite into burgers but I'd eat an authentic NY burger just for the experience :) Was it large? I had the impression US food portions are supersized >.<

  6. ooo, based on the name, i'd have expected milkshakes all the way, but a good burger is always welcome, rite! and the presentation is nice also lah. nicer than a mcd's cheeseburger :D

  7. Great! Anticipating your next few posts. Indeed, the burger looked lacklustre, but I am sure good ground beef sandwiched between two hot buns tastes just as great.

  8. Actually I prefer no frills burger, can really taste the juicy hamburger :p

  9. You are right! The Zagat guide is fantastic. I like the fact that it covers all price range and types of food. I had my favourite bagel (with gravalax and cream cheese) from their recommendation! :)

  10. You are right! The Zagat guide is fantastic. I like the fact that it covers all price range and types of food. I had my favourite bagel (with gravalax and cream cheese) from their recommendation! :)

  11. to :

    to :

    to :

    to PureGlutton:
    Haha... yeah. Especially in these kinds of (fast food-y) places.

    to Michelle Chin:
    Hope the short list I sent u will come in useful - enjoy! :)

    to Brother B:
    Haha. Sorry to torture you. :P

    Anyway, hey: The burgers at Daily Grind in BV2 are nice, I think - have u tried?

    to Pink Parisian:
    It wasn't as large as a TGIF sized burger... Just nice actually. :) But I think I can't handle it if it was the double pattied option.

    to Sean:
    There are a few Shake options but didn't try them.... Sigh. I wish I had more time in New York! :(

    to J2Kfm:
    Thanks... :)
    I'll try my best (to blog faster... but so much going on now so it's hard!)...

    to babe_kl:
    Yarr! Doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes simple is best. :)

    to HairyBerry:
    I wish we had such a comprehensive and dependable guide in Malaysia...

  12. no wonder you're screaming about working out!

    But oh wow, i can only pretend to imagine sirloin-brisket melting in my mouth almost as fast as cheese and other delightful stuffings are! woohoo! the Chicken dog pales in comparison but HECK! i'll take that too!

    Keep it coming. There's a good girl.

  13. Nvr's for the experience and yeah, American desserts are just too sugary for us!

  14. to Ciki:
    Haha... Thanks babe. And yeahhhhh.... see how many calories
    I ate! - scary, right? :D

    to boo_licious:
    I just wish I had more time (and $$$) to experience more of NYC! So much good food there. :D

  15. Ahh... burgers with beer and wine... in a fast food environment... if only, if only we had that here!

    (More "New York, New York" posts, please!)

  16. babydoll HOLLA :O!! just dropped by to say hi and to tell you that i'm totally anticipating your post on momofuku! oh and that i love shakes and everything cholesterol / triglyceride / corn syrup laden wahahahaha!! keep 'em comin :)

  17. to Kenny Mah:
    I suppose there's always Chilli's/ TGIF but those aren't exactly fast food places n prices :)
    (The margaritas there can be pretty yummy tho!)

    to Shelbybaby:
    Hey dahling! :)
    I'll try my best!
    (Racking my brain on how to blog on Momofuku - they don't allow photo taking so it's gonna be all words if I do...)


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