Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

Warning!: Sugary sweet lovey-dovey post ahead - proceed with caution....

My boyfriend is so cute:
I bought him a money plant some time back to brighten up his bachelor pad.

Months later, the money plant started shedding excessive amounts of leaves.
(We found out later that he should have taken more care to ensure that not that much water touches its leaves)

When I pointed this out (he didn't notice before), he said:
"Aiyoh, how lah? It's not a good sign, right??"
*prods plant gently*
"Aaah! So many leaves are falling!!"
"Next time don't buy me money plants anymore!"

It may be a little strange, I suppose, but these are the little things that make me love him more...
I mean, most of the time he's really macho (in a good way) but it's nice to find out his little eccentricities/ soft side.
(Like excessive superstitious-ness, for example)

To my darling P:

(Oh, I hope that you are all having good weeks so far)


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cely said...

I caught a cold.. i din notice the warning till i finish reading..

u are going to ganti my medical fees!!


hungryox said...

I would be terrified if my money plant went that way too!

J said...

to cely:
Well, you can't say I didn't warn you!

to hungryox:
Well, I probably would too - but it was just so nice to be able to see my bf's soft side.

Kay said...

hahahahaha........ yea..... i got one money tree.... first one survive for over 4 years.... 2nd one die within 4 months..... sad

J said...

to kay:
4 years?
Wow - that's long!
Please share the secrets of your success lah.
(Such an extreme though... The other one died within 4 months?)

Merv Kwok said...

next time, staple money to a plant and say, "i made you a money plant!" hehehe

B said...

hahaha, the old' plant test.

Kay said...

1st plant : ignore it, water it occasionally ....lol
2nd plant : pay too much attention to it but not water it enough...
so much for my success but at least the first plant is still living!

J said...

to merv:
Now I have a good option for my bf's next birthday/Christmas present!
Thanks for the idea, Mervy.

to b:

to kay:
So I should ignore the plant (partially) and it will flourish?
I'll try it and see what happens!

B said...

I do the old' wana have a threesome test...... :D

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