Monday, March 19, 2007

Old Slant On Things

aka. J the Chocoholic's trip to Italy Part 3 - Pisa! (Note: Very photo heavy post)

Here's another dose of desktop escapism for you all...

Third stop - PISA!

The Campo dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles):
A view of the most famous landmark in Pisa.....

The row of shops next to the Square, mostly selling souveniers.....

The Torre pendente di Pisa (Leaning Tower of Pisa):
Yikes! it really looks like it might fall anytime.....

The Duomo di Pisa (Cathedral of Pisa):
A look at the beautiful detail inside the Cathedral.....


Awe-inspiring stained glassed and paintings all around.....

I hope that you've all started off your Mondays well!
(Remember: It's only 5 more days till the weekend!)


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  1. I thought the last pic was a pizza or something until I popped open the larger pic hehehhehe :P

    I need new glasses

  2. wow.....great masterpiece, nice photos!

  3. to merv:
    Could be a sign that you are working too hard...
    Or maybe it's just a sign that you're very hungry.

    to meiyen:
    Yeah, it's amazing isn't it? - to think that these buildings are hundreds of years old and they're still so nice.

  4. hi,
    as i know from ur blog... u r J rite?
    u still continue wif ur blog or not? i cant find ur latest blog posted.. hope u may reply me...
    i'm Speed..
    my email :
    thanks... hope to hear from soon..

  5. to speed:
    Yes I am J. Nice to meet you, Speed.

    This is the latest posting.
    I know I've been slow to update recently but I'm really bogged down with work - sorry!

  6. hi...
    haha.. wah u r real speed..
    actually my job was related to FnB industry... so i view ur blog for reference..
    I'm selling POS system for restaurant pubs n everythings related to eat places.. i'm now looking for restaurant who r still using cash register so i may approach them...
    u hav written alot of the restarant that was our client...
    may i know that how do u manage to find out all those restaurant in those places??? u r great...
    and the words that u express in ur way was damn great... cool...

  7. I don't like this speed charactor. but anyways, that is inspiring. Maybe me and you can do someting that will be cherished by many in the future. Now to figure out what that is???? hmmm........

  8. to speed:
    Well, I try to reply to all comments fast (but it was extra fast for you that time cos I happened to be logged on at the time).

    Oh, I wrote about your clients?
    I hope it wasn't anything bad...
    Thanks for the compliments!
    (I just love to eat, actually)
    I have a weekly dinner meetup with friends so we arrange to try out new restaurants that we've heard about from friends/ colleagues or read about in newspapers/ blogs.

    to b:
    Be nice, B!
    And hey, what are you thinking?

  9. to b:
    huh??? y ? am i acting any behavior that makes u feels uncomfortable? if really does.. pls let me know and i'm sorry... i din intend to be..

    to j:
    ya... actually i'm now squeezing my mind to looking for restaurant.. so i might think that ur blog might help.. haha... thanks..

  10. you really don't wana know what I think. but maybe you have some better ideas.

  11. to speed:
    Don't mind B.
    Anyway, I hope you found a nice restaurant to eat at.

    to b:
    How mysterious!
    Hmmm,... I'm fresh out of ideas myself though so I don't think I can help.
    Ooh - unless you have a way to cure cancer or secure world peace.

  12. I'm glad it isn't hard to please you.......hahaha, just have to cure cancer and make world peace..... check! I was thinking someting a little easier.


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