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Bob's Bar @ Capella Hotel, Sentosa Island Singapore

Singapore post #3 - Enjoying 6 star luxury...

It's wonderful how Arlene and Kelvin always seem to know the coolest little spots in Singapore - ones that me and Jo would definitely not have found by ourselves.

One of the really cool places they brought us to during our last visit was Bob's Bar, at the uber exclusive 6 star** Hotel Capella, on Sentosa Island.
(** Not a typo! I also didn't know there was anything higher than a 5 star rating but apparently, there is...)

The main bar area is small and cosy, with a great view of the sea/ horizon from it's lush chairs/ sofas:
Traditional bar setting...

I much prefer the outdoor seating, where you can sit and soak in some sun on the cushioned deck chair/ couches:
Sunshine is happiness...

However, if you are allergic to too much sunshine, you can chill out in the covered lounge area:
The beautiful people I call my friends...

Being a 6 star hotel, even the bar snacks/ nibbles they serve are not just any normal kind (of nuts). Look!:
(A high quality mix of yummy, lightly salted whole macadamia, cashew, hazel nuts and a side of dried apricots... *LOVE*)
Delicious nuts...

Being the gluttons we are, we ordered the Mixed Food Platter/ Sampler (approx. SGD 35++):
A little bit of everything...

Hmmmm, I wasn't so impressed with this platter.
While it was an interesting mix of things like sliced premium ham (pork - prosciutto, I think), olives and various bite sized morsels, it tasted very normal.
(In fact, some of the filling of the deep fried cubes tasted like Campbell's Mushroom soup...)

Luckily, the Grilled Prawns (approx. SGD 22++) we ordered were really delicious:
Come to mama! :D...

First of all, the prawns were really big and fresh (perfectly firm yet bouncey flesh), and were perfectly cooked with the fragrant but not overpowering combination of olive oil, garlic slices and chili.
(I also love that they shelled them so it was super easy to eat)

It didn't matter that it was early in the afternoon - we were on holiday! So, we ordered some Gin & Tonic (approx. SGD 18++), which Kelvin had recommended:
Yummy drink for alcoholics...

The added cucumber is optional, but the mix was surprisingly refreshing - the slight hint of the "green" flavour from the cucumber left a nice aftertaste to this classic drink.
(They also managed to balance out the flavor/ kick from the gin - not too strong but you can taste it)

Also nice, was the Berry Cocktail (approx. SGD 32++, serves 2) that Sue and I shared:
Lots of fresh berries...

Doesn't it look like a icy dessert? :)
(It was everything I like in a cocktail - refreshing, with berry flavours and a slight bit of fizz, but without being too sweet)

Overall, had a great day there - while it was sunny, it was not hot as the lounge area was well ventilated.... and of course, I had such excellent company.

After our "tea time" there, we walked around to have a look at the other parts of the hotel:

- The main/front facade of the hotel:
(Colonial style mansion - a contrast against the other half of the hotel which looks quite modern)
Restored building...

- Beautiful pool!:
(Small but perfect for lazing the day away)
Nice view...

- Hidden corner near the spa:
(The ambience here reminds me of Japan....)
Bamboo and running water...

Note - Special Lunch and Dinner Entrance Fee to Sentosa:
(Monday to Friday)
Noon till 2 pm: $2 per car
7:01 pm onwards: $2 per car

So, it's: Beautiful 6 star hotel on Sentosa Island with an interesting ambience (mix of old/ modern, Western/ Asian), friendly service BUT well, 6 star means it's quite expensive lorr :) (Still, the food + drinks are not exorbitantly priced.. It's a nice place to chill out and relax, even if you can't afford to stay the night)....

Summary Information:
Bob's Bar @ Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening Hours: 9am till late
Phone: +65 6377 8888
Address: Capella Singapore, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297



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  1. I read somewhere that Sentosa is very haunted :P Ooooo...hehehe ;)The covered lounge area looks like a very nice place to knock back a couple of G&T's

  2. isnt g&t very old man, i mean old school? hehe.

  3. I'd definitely melt if I were to relax under the sun.. but then I could not stand the heat and the most beautiful view can only be seen when you sit outside... hmm.. how??

  4. ooh yeah, looks ideal for an idyllic afternoon (though heheh, true, i'd prefer the evening when the weather cools down a bit). the food prices would be really reasonable if only the exchange rate for ringgit to singapore dollar were 1.5 to 1. sigh! :D

  5. Such uber large prawns!! The hotel looks very lovely and definitely a great way to spend a holiday.

  6. Oh them prawns! Come to Papa... ;)

  7. to UnkaLeong:
    Well, luckily we went there on a bright and shiny afternoon instead of night time! :)

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Woi. It's classic, not old! :P

    to thule aka leo:
    Well, you could always go during evening time... but then again, probably the view is not so nice at night.
    (Just sit in the sun loh! :P)

    to sean:
    Sigh. Yeah... but I guess we can't blame them for the fact that our currency is so weak! :(
    (We started off as 1 to 1 many years ago and see how far ahead they've gotten!)

    to boo_licious:
    They were huge! I was quite (pleasantly) surprised when I first saw them. :)

    to Life for Beginners:
    Not if I get to them first! *chomp-nom-nom-nom*

  8. looks great the food! is it haunted unka?!! i am SO there! hehe

  9. to Ciki:
    LOL. Ciki the Ghost Whisperer?

  10. Wah ... those plump prawns got me looking twice.
    More like gargantuan in size, all curled up.

  11. to J2Kfm:
    Yarrrr. They were gloriously big, and thankfully juicy + perfectly cooked... :D

  12. hi can i ask did you pay by cash or do you think they allow payment by cash?

  13. To anonymous:
    I think they accept it either way, whether u want to pay by cash or credit card :)


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