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Las Vacas @ Shoplex, Mont Kiara

Beef it up! - STEAK in Mont Kiara....

Oh steak,
You make,
me break into song!


Haha.. Don't mind me. Just feeling silly. :)

Anyway, *clears throat* Las Vacas used to be just a butcher/ meat distributor located in Kelana Jaya.... Then they started a small restaurant section which took off very well, and now expanded to a second outlet in Mont Kiara.


Mini language lesson (Spanish):

Literally: The Cows.
(Las = The, Vacas = Cows)

(According to Babel Fish)


The new location isn't too hard to find - it's in the small corner shop lot where the original Marmalade used to be/ sort of in between Baskin Robbins and Coffeebean Mont Kiara:
Las Vacas on the corner...

There is a pretty well stocked cooler inside where you can buy fresh meat (different types of beef/ lamb) but as for dining in, like I said - it's quite small (only about 7 tables):
At the table...

The menu is also fairly limited (revolving mainly around beef, beef, beef and some lamb) but there are several good types of steak** available and also a few lighter items like sandwiches and salads.
(** eg. Wagyu, Angus, grain fed, etc)

We started off with the Beef bruschetta (RM 10):
Carbs + beef...

The crusty bread topped with a small heap of juicy, peppery minced beef was yummy!
(Although just a tad too salty)

We also had another starter - the Beef wrap (RM 18):
Beef slices + veges inside...

Looks simple (and not very appetising), right?

They were awesome - AWESOME, I tell you! :D
Cross section :)...

Fairly thin but tender slices of beef, lightly seared and wrapped around crunchy French beans and carrot slices, with a slather of melted cheese - all are normal ingredients, but when put together? - YUM.

Moving on to the mains - the Lamb burger (RM 19):
The lamb burger...

It was massive.
Tastewise though, it was just ok (to me) - Juicy patty and no discernible flaws but dunno why, somehow it just didn't rock my world.
(Just call me fussy loh.. haha...)

Of course, going to Las Vacas and not ordering steak would be sacrilege so we went with the Grain fed Rib eye (RM 24 per 100g):
My steak...

The steaks are very simply prepared there - just grilled with a little seasoning tossed on, emphasising/ relying on the quality and freshness of the meat:

There are no sauces to mask any imperfections but it's fine (as much as I like a good mushroom sauce with steak) because what you get is a nice thick, juicy steak. :)

Minor gripe:
I'm pretty sure that I asked for 200g of steak but somehow, the friendly guy taking our order decided that I can eat as much as Sooj (who btw is a HEAD TALLER THAN ME at 6' 3") so I was served 300g of steak too.
(Oh, but I did manage to finish it loh... *blush*... Haha....)

All in all, a good (and very filling) meal.
Just strange that as much as I liked the steak, what I really LOVED was the Beef Rolls.
(Want. To. Eat. Now...... *pout*)

Take note that there is no dessert served at Las Vacas. When asked, the wait staff will recommend you go next door to Baskin Robbins if you feel like having something sweet to cap off your meal.

So it's: Restaurant/ butcher - serves yummy fresh steaks (almost) straight from the source, friendly service, simple yet comfortable ambience BUT limited menu, no desserts and area is quite small (only about 7 tables?) so do book ahead to avoid disappointment AND bring cash! Their credit card system is not set up yet unfortunately (Now it's set up already!)... :)

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Las Vacas @ Shoplex, Mont Kiara, KL

LG, Lot 1A, New Wing Mont Kiara Shoplex,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Right next to Baskin Robbins/ where Marmalade used to be)

Taste: 7
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 50++ per person
Parking: Limited in the Shoplex parking lot***

** Approximation - 2 course meal, excluding drinks
*** You can also try parking inside Plaza Sunrise...

Telephone No.: 603-6205 2258
Opening Hours: 10am - late (Closed on Mondays)

(Kelana Jaya outlet. Address: No.23, Jalan SS 5A/11, Kelana Jaya 47301 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7874 0711)


- Eat Drink KL
- Loh and Behold

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  1. very "meaty" meal u had ^^... ah, too bad i try not to take beef these days... the wrap looks good to me woh...

  2. oh SO thats where it is, yes as much as i visit coffee bean, it never cross my mind, that is where "shoplex" is.

    with the steak size, it depends how skilled the fellow is, they cut a random slice esp with a required thickness (too thin not nice mah)usually is ard that size.

    u shud c delish, i ask for 300gms, they come back n say got 600gms only.

  3. Prefer this branch as I don't really fancy the raw meat smell (in KJ's branch). But parking is quite a handy though and there's no credit card payment (at the moment). Urghh...

  4. Nice! Must try the beef wrap when we visit next ;) I loved the steak I had at the KJ branch as well. Nothing like a minimally seasoned piece of meat tossed on the grill a couple of times to bring out it's natural flavours.


  5. yikes, they still haven't set up the credit card machine?! it's been weeks!!! wonder what's the hold-up...

  6. sighhh i dun mind w/o sauce but Capt'n Hook preferred them wid sauce :(

  7. to mel^^mel:
    Hee hee hee. Definitely not very balanced meal but it was delicious. :)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Wah lau wei. How to finish 600gms? Siao wan....

    to taufulou:
    Is good! :)
    (Well, I hope you enjoy it if you go there...)

    to Chong:
    Hopefully they will set up the credit card system (AND their telephone!) soon... if not it's quite troublesome....

    to UnkaLeong:
    A part of me really wishes they serve a nice mushroom sauce too but I guess that would spoil the natural goodness of their steak...

    to Sean:
    Ya loh. Dunno what the hold up is.
    (And they didn't even have a working phone line at that time! Dunno whether already set up by now)

    That kinda stopped me from ordering the wagyu too. :(

    to babe_kl:
    Hmmmm.. Well, the burger is not bad too if Capt'n Hook doesn't mind that? At least then you can try the steak.

    Ooh, if not then let's ditch him and have a nice girl's night out/ dinner date. :)

  8. everything looks great but the only thing is that they are either beef or lamb...

  9. i wanna try the lamb burger....everytime i eat chicken and beef burger but not a lamb burger

  10. to thule aka leo:
    Unfortunately that's their speciality so not much other choice there....

    I know you cannot eat beef but you don't like lamb?

    to vialentino:
    Try. Try. :)
    The lamb burger there is juicy and don't have that funny strong lamb-y smell. Hope you like it.

  11. i want you to sing that song to me when i next see you.. that's right.. that steak song:P

  12. to Ciki girl:
    Ooh. *blush*
    Kenot lah. My voice only good enough for singing in the shower, not for public consumption...
    (Dowan to hurt your ear drums... haha....)

  13. Ooohh... those beef rolls really look good - no wonder you love them so much!

  14. to PureGlutton:
    They were so yummeh. :D
    I was supposed to share with my friends but in the end I (accidentally) ate about half of it. Haha...

  15. Amiable dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  16. las vacas also hv in Kelana jaya...try at this outlet also...u can feel the different

  17. to anonymous 1:
    No problem. I'm not sure how this helps but hope you got good marks on your assigmnent.

    to anonymous 2:
    Thanks for reminding me! :)
    Have been thinking to go to the KJ outlet but keep forgetting...

  18. Qqdwqdsaas ascaassc fdrewe:
    " You'll get that all right," said Drouet. " What's the use worrying
    presently were gone, leaving me staring upon the tonsured crown of the man

  19. how much you have to pay for the steak? Its 300g rite?

  20. To Bebabobo:
    Hmmm it was Rm 24 per 100g for the steak I ate that time, so it probably came up to about Rm 72++....

    Are u going there soon? Hope u enjoy it.

  21. hmm..
    the mont kiara branch has a few more tables than 7..
    and the kj branch underwent some minor renovation.. The smell should be less apparent? The dining area is also larger than the mont kiara branch + parking is a breeze.. there are no cars.. =)


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