Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Weekend For Me

BRB! :)....

Mini holiday = Happy J.

Have been long overdue for a break, so I'll be heading down to Singapore (with Jo) from tomorrow till Sunday to visit my darling friends**.
(** Arlene, Kelvin, Danny, Fai & hopefully Austin too!: See you soon!)

Yeah, it's not a long break (only 3 days).... but it's better than nothing. :)
SINGAPORE! (Picture taken from StockXchange :)....

If anyone in Singapore would like to buy me a drink/ meal/ take us around, please feel free to tweet me or (if you know my number) call me. Thank you in advance for helping me survive the bloody RM 2.5 to SGD 1 exchange rate. Sponsored shopping sprees are also (VERY) welcomed. :) :)

Holiday mood!,

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  1. Wah!!! Seems like a nice short break from the hectic work schedules huh??? Enjoy yourself girl

  2. to babe_kl:
    Thanks Babe! *hugs*
    I just hope I don't end up spending too much on food.... :D

    to thule aka leo:
    Thanks! Will try my best. :)
    (Yeah... need this break before I go crazy!)

  3. Happy holidays! Short breaks are nice too ;-)

  4. Have fun!! Now I'm jealous of you. >.<

  5. to PureGlutton:
    Thanks PG! :)
    Definitely need this to recharge a bit....

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    What are you talking about? You just came back from a nice holiday in London! :P

  6. to Jason: Thanks. :) So far so good.

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