Thursday, July 01, 2010

My First 10 KM

Tragedy amidst celebration, but just wanted to commemorate my first try at a quarter marathon....

Like I said before, my friend Ver & I decided to try out the 10km run of the Standard Charted KL Marathon 2010 (which was held last Sunday)...

In a fit of pre-planned kiasu-ism, we woke up early in an attempt to beat the crowd (RE. collecting our Race Packs on the day before the race)... Thankfully, it was a beautiful Saturday morning at Taman Titiwangsa, so it was kinda nice taking the stroll around the lake area, towards the main hall:
Sunny day...

We also had the bonus of a really nice surprise when we arrived at the main hall - YAY! No crowd! :)
(Our plan worked!)
No line to the collection counters...

The lady at the counter laughed as she passed me my race pack.
Why? Well, she saw the name I chose for my race bib:
I am what I am :P...


I don't have any photos from that day, but here's what I can tell you:
1) Waking up at roughly 5am so that you can have breakfast, get ready and arrive at the starting line in time is not easy,
3) After completing the race, I still haven't suddenly discovered a love for running, BUT
4) I am really glad I did it (Thanks for talking me into it, Ver!)**

(** In some ways it was fun - the excitement of the race, being able to run around on the main roads of KL past a lot of the main monuments/ attractions, etc..)

So, how did I do?:
Net Race Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes and 53 seconds!
Finishing Position: Number 761!
(Ok lah. It's 761 out of an estimated 2000 to 3000 participants in the Womens 10km category, so it's quite good for my first try, right?)

My efforts PALE in comparison to the REAL runners though - OMG, the Top 10 Women finished the 10km in less than 55 minutes each:
Top 10 Women are human cheetahs!...

Sadly, there was the tragic death of a 25 year old participant during the race... :(
(I only found out later)

I don't personally know the guy that passed away, and only time will tell whether it truly was the race organisers fault/ a pre-existing medical condition/ a mix of both?... but wow - 25 is young loh.


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  1. Congrats, J!
    So, all geared for the next one?

  2. Yay, you did it and nice nick you used there :P

  3. u ran faster than me! shy shy..*runs away*

  4. ZOMG!! what time did joe do.. i think i walk faster than he runs man :P

  5. 3) After completing the race, I still haven't suddenly discovered a love for running, BUT ...

    LOL!! so cute, so honest!!

    anyway congrats. GOOD laaaaa :)

  6. to PureGlutton:
    Thanks PG! :)
    And erm... maybe next year?
    (I guess it's a good way to work off some calories, right?)

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Wait till I can finish 10km and feel like it's easy**, then MAYBE I will "upgrade"/ "up-torture?" to 21km.
    (** If that day ever comes)

    to babe_kl:
    Hee hee hee. :)
    I figured it would be more fun to put my "nama glamour" on my bib instead of my real name...

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Probably our speed during the run was fueled by how much salt we have eaten in life - FBB ran the fastest, I came in second and you r third.

    So eat more salt? :P
    (Haha.. Wei! Seriously, nothing to be shy about lerrrr)

    to CUMI & CIKI:
    Sorry... but I guess running is not in my blood? The race was definitely fun tho! :)

  7. PS:
    CIKI - You are a sexay cheetah! We r not worthy....

  8. Ah... I need motivation to run! I love running (but my first choice will always be swimming or badminton) but.. sigh! almost came up with an excuse again

  9. RESPECT! Honestly I am no runner myself and I can't imagine agreeing to something like this ever!!

  10. to thule aka leo:
    Don't make excuses! Join a run/marathon and start training! :P
    (Wanna join the Stan Chart KL Marathon next year?)

    to minchow:
    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I wonder how the heck I was talk into it so easily. Haha...


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