Friday, July 09, 2010

Super Luxe

Bling of all shapes and sizes....

I really like Tiffany & Co.:

While I don't agree with the pricing*, I do think (some of) the designs are really nice - classic, clean and ageless without being "old".
(*It's just made of silver leh, so it's completely overpriced! Or maybe I'm just complaining because I can't afford it. *SULK*)

Anyway, I guess other than the design and workmanship of each product, what T&Co is selling is the prestige, quality and service... which have all been incorporated into the price tag.

- There is the classic jewellery range - not cheap, but doesn't cost an arm and 2 legs.
(Price range: USD $100 - $390)

- Of course, there is also a higher end range of jewellery for those who can afford it:
(Price range: USD $350 - $6500 to custom order only*)
(* aka. If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it)

- Other than jewellery, they have branched out to many other things, such as Key Chains:
(Price range: USD $95 - $195)

What I found kinda strange though, was a Airplane shaped savings/ piggy bank that costs USD $1,975 (sterling silver, 7.25" long, they describe):

Yes, people.
A (roughly) RM 6,500 piggy bank - evidently, it's purpose is as a fantastic tool for you to teach your children the VALUE OF MONEY.

*face palm*

Well, still.... it is very pretty, and if you really want to buy this, then just CLICK HERE.
(I'm not sure whether it is available in Malaysia, but I'm sure they can be some way for the Tiffany & Co. USA branch to deliver it straight to your doorstep, for a price)

There are also some other designs too, so feel free to buy one for all your kids/ nieces/ nephews. Send one over to me too**, if you can afford it!:
(** Can be anything else from T&Co actually. I don't mind. *grin*)
(What? Nothing wrong with some hoping & dreaming, is there? :P)

Happy Friday everyone! *hugs*


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  1. Have a great weekend ahead! *ahem* I like cartier ;)

  2. if this isn't a hint of what you want for your birthday, i don't know what is! heeheeeheee!

    :P :P :P

  3. I love tiffany, but yes, the pricing is really overpriced sometimes... My only tiffany is the tiffany key series, a gift frm my sister and bro in law for my wedding, ^^ and that small pendant w a lil diamond on it + a necklace already cost usd950 -_- I swear I will not pay for that unless its a gift :p guess that will be my only collection of tiffany, haha

  4. to UnkaLeong:
    Haha.. Well, I'll make sure I tell becky at lunch tomorrow. :P

    to j:
    LOL. No lah! :)
    But don't worry, I'll make you a list of possible presents to help you out. :P

    to mel^^mel:
    Boo hoo... Ya loh. It's too lovely but expensive!
    (Oh cool - the key series is very nice. Lucky you....)

  5. hmmm... I don't wear Jewellery actually! can't stand wearing a necklace, bracelet.. with the exception of ring (coz Jenn would kill me if I don't wear one.. lol!)
    The only thing I like is Watch.. and the brand would be what most China-apek would buy... u should know that :)

  6. to thule aka. leo:
    LOL. You better keep that ring on then. :P

  7. It's Bulagari or Bust for me. That's why I do not own any jewellery. I hhave given up on watches too. Handphones serve their purpose well. LOL... Have a Great Weekend!

  8. to Paranoid Android:
    Wah. I dare not even look at the price tag og Bulgari bling - scared I get heart attack. Haha....

  9. I wonder if tiffany blue is a colour, cos that's how people describe it. Definitely some classy design there, hor?

    Have a great weekend, J! :)

  10. to HairyBerry:
    Well, I guess it's just a colour that has become synonymous with the brand, like Ferrari Red? :)

    And yes - it's very classy but for a price! Haha... Hope you had a great weekend too!
    (Yucks. It's Monday already tho! *pout*)


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