Sunday, July 04, 2010

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Pavilion, KL

The Ministry of Food brings you desserts!....

So, there's a Ministry of Sound* (MOS) - famous chain of clubs/ record label that originated in London....
(* Now with a branch in Sunway called Euphoria, popular with kids of all ages who like feng tao trance/ house music...)
Trance Music Central for Malaysia...

... and there's also a Ministry of Food** (MOF) - (not yet as) famous chain of restaurants serving Japanese themed desserts that originated in Singapore.
(** Now with a branch in Pavilion, KL...)
Fun for all ages ...

However, while the original MOF in Singapore has a range of bentos and other savoury Jap food, the one in KL only serves desserts.

Anyway, I was curious enough to check go check out this fairly comfortable and brightly lit cafe when I was in the Pavilion area:
Inside MOF ...

Being a big fan of black sesame in general, I ordered the Black Sesame Mini Gelato (RM 9+):
My black sesame gelato ...

Overall, it was ok:
- Fairly creamy (but a bit too sweet for me) black sesame ice cream,
- served with some chewy (in a good way) kinda mochi-ish flour balls, and
- topped with strangely savoury chunky black sesame paste...

We also tried the Mango Kakigori (RM 11+)
Kinda like mango ais kacang ...

As you can see, the size is fairly monstrous....
(OMG. It's almost as big as Jo-lyn's head!)

Tastewise, it was refreshing but overall also just ok:
- MOUNTAIN of shaved ice,
- topped with a thick mango sauce (with more in a small jug on the side), and
- served with slices of fresh mango.

Lastly, we ordered the Ice Matcha Float (RM 8.50+):
Green tea float...

Intially we were a bit taken aback by the slightly unappetising green colour,... but it tasted ok.

Again, this was a little too sweet for me*** but I think I wouldn't mind ordering it again - quite thick texture, creamy and had a good taste of green tea....
(*** Mind you, my tolerance for sweetness in desserts can be surprisingly low even though I admit to having a sweet tooth)

So, it's: Refreshing desserts in a variety of flavours located in Pavilion, comfortable modern ambience BUT nothing really bad about it.. except that it may be a bit too sweet for some .....

Summary Information:
MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee @ Pavilion, KL

Opening Hours: (approx.) 11am till 10pm
Phone: 03-2144 1489
Address: Lot 1.02.00, Level 1, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Oooh... You found the offerings there a little bit too sweet too! Been there twice, but you are right. The Sugar load was too high for me. You know what happens when you stroll in a mall a bit tipsy. Reckless spending! LOL.

  2. hey i believe in MOF. ministry of fun:P

  3. to Paranoid Android:
    LOL. I'm sure all the surrounding shops enjoyed your sugar high thoroughly though - how bad was the damage on your credit card? :P

    to Cumi & Ciki:
    Yeah - Can't live wihtout that ministry. Life would be so dull!

  4. Yeah, a bit too sweet for me also. I think they cater to the overall Malaysian population who like their teh tarik TAK kurang manis. :P

  5. to Life for Beginners:
    Yeah man! aka. Members of The Super Sweet Tooth Club.
    (Still, I have never seen MOF empty, so I suppose we are the minority?)

  6. This always escaped my mind, when craving for a light bite in Pavilion. Maybe coz I don't go to JCo like I used to, hence skipping the rear end of the row with all the eateries.

  7. To J2Kfm:
    hmmm I always seem to pass by it when I park at pavillion! And I love black sesame desserts so couldn't resist :)

  8. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  9. to anonymous:
    Well, I guess it depends... Is your blog/ website/ link something to do with food? :)

  10. Thanks for this


  11. wanna check them out for matcha goodies! ^^


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