Monday, July 26, 2010


A dream within a dream - so deep!....

How ah? I like this movie but the concept is complex that it's REALLY hard to explain! Also, I don't want to give away any spoilers, since the movie is fairly new. :)

Anyway,.... first of all, this film by Christopher Nolan who is the dark mind behind the new Batman (Dark Knight) so similarly, this movie has a dark undertone to it.

- Cool movie poster:
Reality is subjective...

The concept is that in the world, there are some gifted individuals who are able to use a dream machine (which fits conveniently into a suitcase!) to access a person's dreams to steal information (Called: Extraction).

- Action from every angle:
You make my world spin round and round...

There is also another, much more difficult and almost impossible thing that they can do while in your dreams - plant an idea into your mind and make you think it is yours (Called: Inception).

- Conversation between Leonardo Dicaprio and Cillian Murphy:
"You look familiar. Haven't I seen you in Titanic?"...

Ok so far? :)

Well, throw in some interesting characters, good acting, multi-layered storylines, dazzling locations+CGI effects, love, hate, guns and high speed chases,... and what you get is a sci-fi action movie that is unique, exciting, thought provoking and visually awesome.

Of course there are some weaknesses:
- A lot of what happens is just TOO convenient.
(How can the timing be so perfect?? Erm... you'll understand after you see the movie),
- It is not a relaxing movie! You will have to think/ interpret/ ponder a lot as you watch.
(A friend walked out of the cinema and said "Aiyo. I was already so tired after work. Now I'm REALLY tired.... " *LOL*)
- Personally, I love but HATE the ending. :)

All in all, it's a movie not to be missed - You may not end up loving it, but at least you would have watched something completely different and special.

Main characters:
- Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb <--- Convincing as a conflicted but gifted criminal
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur
- Ellen Page as Ariadne <--- From pregnant teen (Juno) to dream weaver!
- Tom Hardy as Eames
- Ken Watanabe as Saito <--- Hot for a 50 y.o. man.
- Dileep Rao as Yusuf
- Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer, Jr.
- Tom Berenger as Browning
- Marion Cotillard as Mal
- Michael Caine as Miles
- Lukas Haas as Nash

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a single idea within one's mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset.

(Note: Synopsis adapted/borrowed from Rotten Tomatoes, which gave this movie a great rating of 84% fresh!)

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Random ramblings, inspired by the movie:
If you could control your dreams....
... would you ever want to wake up?

And when you do wake up....
... how will you know which is the dream, and which is reality?


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  1. Yep, enjoyed Inception but like you, found that it was fundamentally flawed as well. Too darn convenient! As to your question - for the longest time, my dreams were far more exciting than real life and I found myself looking forward to knocking out after a totally monotonous day to like, actually start living! These days, the delineation of dreams & reality isn't so clear anymore... hmm, what would Nolan make of that!?

  2. i manage to watch it yesterday . . .

    hmmm... i just respect that director how he shot this movie, i guess everything can be perfect in dreams since you already can create what ever u want in there..:)

  3. to minchow:
    It means that you are living your dream! :)

    Or maybe you never really woke up? *gasp*

  4. im not reading ur post coz i have not seen it yet:P just dropping by to say hi! :P haha

  5. to taufulou:
    Wouldn't it be nice if we could create our perfect dreams? :)

  6. to ciki girl:
    Wei... I don't have any spoilers here lah. :P

    And hi back! :)

  7. Watched it last evening. Got my mind a bit messed by it, hehe - but then the action scenes were good ;-)

  8. one of the best movies evarrrrrr!

  9. to PureGlutton:
    Haha... My mind was definitely messed by it too! But an enjoyable movie... :)

    to KY:
    It definitely wins in terms of originality! I wonder what Christopher Nolan will come up with next? :)

  10. *spoiler alert* yeah, the ending is what haunts me the most too. so what do u think ... still a dream in the end or not? i think i'd lean toward still a dream...

  11. to Sean:
    Shush! Don't give it away... :P

    Haha.. Yeah man, the infuriating ending almost had me foaming in the mouth. I guess we'll never know for sure which is the answer (unfortunately)....

  12. One of my must watch movie this year but sadly might miss it!!!

  13. I am looking forward to viewing this movie very soon. Leonardo is a very talented actor. Looks so amazing.


  14. to thule aka leo:
    It would be a pity not to watch it in the cinema but at least get the DVD.... :)

    to jenn:
    Yeah! He's really come a long way since Titanic. :)

  15. Waiting at the train station....

    This movie rawked my socks!

  16. to UnkaLeong:
    You and me both! :) Definitely a very eye opening movie....

  17. I love this movie and enjoyed every moment! Made me though of a lot of stuffs =)

  18. to Jun Kit:
    Me too! Me too! :)
    It's such a good movie bcos it makes you think differently about things...


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