Friday, August 13, 2010

Power To The People! (TOKL Food Awards 2010)

Time to nominate/ vote for your favourite restaurants....

I don't think the Time Out Kuala Lumpur (TOKL) magazine needs much introduction...

Although it's only been launched in Malaysia since 2008, it's an extension of an already famous international magazine, and has definitely been making waves in KL over the last 2 years.

Anyway,.... :)
Nazeen (from Mongoose Publishing) very kindly extended an invite to the unveiling of their TOKL Food Awards 2010 and well, how could I say no**?
(** I was very curious about how it all worked)

- Mini garden in the sky? (At the top of Il Lido, KL):

The weather was perfect as we chilled out on the roof top lounge at Il Lido and soon after, the Editorial Director of TOKL, Mr Matthew Bellotti, explained the Awards process to us.

In short, here's how it works:

From now till 16th September 2010, you can nominate/ vote for your favourite restaurants (& chef) - The fields are left blank so you can nominate whichever restaurant you like.

Don't be put off that there are so many categories (15!) - you are allowed to vote for as many/ few as you want, even if you submit just one restaurant in one category.
(Click HERE to go to the TOKL website voting page)

2) VOTING ROUND 2 - Shortlisted Restaurants/ Chefs
Check back on October 1 to see if your favourite made it through to The Shortlist and cast your vote again to select the overall winner.

Results will be announced in the December ‘Food Awards Special’ Issue of Time Out Kuala Lumpur and on the main TOKL website shortly afterwards.

The 13 + 2 Categories:
1) Chinese
2) Continental
3) Fine Dining
4) Healthy Eating/ Vegetarian
5) Indian
6) Italian
7) Japanese
8) Malay
9) Middle Eastern
10) Seafood
11) Steak house
12) Thai/ Indochinese
13) Mamak/ Hawker

14) Outstanding Chef of the Year
15) KL’s Best Restaurant


I am sort of having a huge internal debate (J vs J. *lol*) on which restaurant to nominate in certain categories but I am definitely gonna be voting this year.

A really big thanks to Nazeen and the entire TOKL Team (including Mr Matthew Bellotti who MADE ME FEEL LIKE A MIDGET. *pout* - He's so tall!). Had a really fun time that night, finding out about this. :)

Also: *waves at all the bloggers there that night* So nice seeing you all there. It's always so much fun to catch up/ meet new people. :) :)

Every vote counts!,

It's Friday the 13th today - Hope that your day is pleasant and otherwise, uneventful.... :)

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  1. I oso voted di. Boy, are they going to have fun with my nominations. Best Thai (a stall at ss2 glutton street). Best chinese (a restaurant off Jalan Hang Jebat). LOL!

  2. There's definitely a lot more details to take into consideration, but thanks for sharing this publish.

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  4. Ooh yet another opportunity to meet you in person missed!! Really wanted to make this, but alas, work beckoned instead! Will definitely be doing some serious voting!

  5. to UnkaLeong:
    haha... Well, maybe they really will enjoy your choices a lot! - different from the norm and all hidden gems, I'm sure. :)

    to Anonymous:
    No problem. I'm glad to share. :)

    to minchow:
    Hey let's just meet for lunch or dinner sometime lah! :)
    (Would be nice to finally meet in person)

  6. I've submitted my nominations, but now am rethinking my choices. eek. good thing can submit again. and again. and again. :-D

  7. so.. anything horror-ish happened to you on fri the 13th?! mwuahahahahaa...

  8. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Well,... they didn't seem to mention any rules against that! :)
    (So, vote away!)

    to Ciki:
    LOL. Luckily no.... *phew*
    Hope your Friday the 13th went well too.. :)


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