Monday, August 16, 2010

Kick Ass

Dark movie (drugs and violence galore), but witty and entertaining at the same time....

There has been so much buzz* about this movie, which is based on comic by Mark Millar.
(* Mostly good)

While I enjoyed it, I have to say: The violence is really over the top (gratuitous, even).... and to have a story where such young characters** are manic killing machines?
(** Hit Girl is supposed to be around 12 years old)

Well, let's not discuss whether it is right or wrong.... but maybe we just agree that without this (rather controversial) element then it would not be the movie it is.

- Masked heroes making a splash on the Kick Ass Movie poster:
Colourful characters ...

As for the storyline, it's simple enough and most people will be able to relate to it - after all, who can say that they have never harbored some sort of fantasy of being a super hero?

The main character of the movie, Dave Lizewski, definitely does... but the difference between him and other people? He actually did something about it.
(Despite not having any actual super powers. *lol*)

- Geeks rule! (Hanging out at a comic store):
Yo ...

- The main character, who named himself Kick Ass:
Hero in Green ...

Armed with nothing but 2 batons, he tries his best to fight crime, encountering some bad guys and also some like minded friends who help him out....

I know this may not sound very interesting/ unique, but as with any good movie - the difference is in the overall delivery.
(Good acting all around, well paced storyline, fantastic stunts/ effects/ action sequences and well written lines...)

- Do NOT underestimate her:
Looks can be deceiving...

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, even Nicholas Cage's performance**. Hope you enjoy it too. :)
(** He surprised me, as I had actually grown to hate him after he disappointed me in "movies" such as The Wicker Man)

Main characters:
- Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski/ Kick-Ass
- Garrett M. Brown as Mr. Lizewski
- Elizabeth McGovern as Mrs. Lizewski <--- Short, but impactful presence.
- Clark Duke as Marty
- Evan Peters as Todd
- Deborah Twiss as Mrs. Zane <--- *LOL*
- Lyndsy Fonseca as Katie Deauxma
- Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Chris D'Amico/ Red Mist
- Chloe Moretz as Mindy Macready/ Hit-Girl <--- Cool but crazy
- Nicolas Cage as Damon Macready/ Big Daddy <--- Also, cool but CRAZY
- Omari Hardwick as Sergeant Marcus Williams

"How come nobody's ever tried to be a superhero?"
When Dave Lizewski - ordinary New York teenager and rabid comic-book geek - becomes the no nonsense vigilante Kick-Ass, he soon finds an answer to his own question: because it hurts.

Overcoming all odds, though, Kick-Ass quickly becomes a phenomenon - only to be reminded that he’s not the only superhero out there. As Kick-Ass gets drawn into this no-holds-barred world, the stage is set for a final showdown between the forces of good and evil.

(Note: Synopsis adapted/borrowed from Rotten Tomatoes, which gave this movie a great rating of 75% fresh!)

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In awe of Hit Girl,

If you think the movie is controversial, apparently the original comic series is even "worse", with many dark twists and elements which they decided not to include in the movie.
(Curious?: Go buy the comics, or Wikipedia can tell you a little more...)

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  1. I loved this superhero movie! And I love that explicitly foul mouthed hit girl. Adrenaline pumping anarchic mayhem mixed with profanity and violence never had it so good.

    I guess everybody wants to be a superhero after all. :D

  2. Kick-Ass was good fun... and I really got a kick (no pun intended) out of the animated sequence featuring the illustrations of the comic co-creator John Romita Jr. (JRJr). Gorgeous... :D

  3. I enjoyed it thoroughly too!! And it won't be too long before the sequel will hit the theatres! Will be wild to see Christopher Mintz Plasse go all badass!

  4. Oh, this movie (on my ipod) kept me entertained while I was in queue to the Germany pavilion at the Expo. I actually finished the entire movie while in line. :) Thank god for the movie. I would have been bored outta my wits.

  5. watched it and then i realise why the big fuss when it first got released, foul to the core, the words i mean.

  6. to Paranoid Android:
    Well, what's not to love, right? :)
    (So what's your super power of choice?)

    to Life For Beginners:
    Yeah, it's one of the better comic to movies. :)
    (Thank goodness. It's proof that the medium can transfer well - hopefully will see more comics grace the silver screen!)

    to minchow:
    Can't wait for the sequel! *fingers crossed that it will be just as awesome, if not more*

    to qwazymonkey:
    OMG. You lined up for the duration of the whole movie?? To say that it was a long line would be a gross understatement!

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    LOL. Yeah, but it was very entertaining, don't you think so? :)

  7. oo.. c&C must watch this then, since we like over the top slapstick funny:P

  8. to C&C:
    Hope you both enjoy it - it's definitely OTT violent and funny. :)


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