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Long Table @ Plaza Glomac, PJ

Non-Halal Nyonya food in Plaza Glomac, Kelana Jaya...

I love my parents, but getting them to try out a new restaurant can be like pulling teeth. *sigh*

First of all, they dislike Western food, so Italian, Spanish, Tex/ Mex, etc are out of the question.
(Well, it's not like they won't go if I INSIST... but I know they won't enjoy it as much if there's no rice & Asian dishes)

Also, they seem to think that THAT place in SS2 (Wang Chiew) or THE OTHER place in Paramount (Loong Foong) are the best by far* and usually refuse to go anywhere else.
(* For no frills everyday dining)

Anyway, after some (minor) arm twisting, I managed to convince them that we should try out Long Table, a fairly new non-Halal Nyonya restaurant in the SS7/ Kelana Jaya area:

Outside Long Table....

Long Table is located in the corner lot of the fairly new Block D of Plaza Glomac (which is across the road from the original office blocks).

Actually, it is REALLY easy to find once you know where it is, but we went round a couple of times before figuring it out <--- almost="" and="" br="" car.="" course="" grumbling="" in="" inspired="" mutiny="" of="" the="" this="">(I have attached a map at the bottom of my post, so that hopefully you can find it more easily)

Inside, it was comfortable (air conditioned) and spacious... with a simple, traditional concept - tiled floor, marble topped tables and dark rosewood furniture:
Inside Long Table....

Since there were only 3 of us, we didn't get to eat many things but I'll list them in order of how much I liked them (least, to most):
- OK LAH: Kacang Botol with Belacan (RM 12)
Fried four angle beans....

While the kacang botol (four angled beans) were fresh and crunchy, they fried it with too much sambal belacan, so it was a tad too salty.
(Fedback to the restaurant.... Hopefully they will adjust this)

- NICE: Inche Kabin (RM 16)
Nyonya style fried chicken....

A good effort at the traditional Nyonya styled fried chicken - well marinated chunks of tender chicken, fragrant with spices and slightly crisp on the outside.

- YUMMY!: Gulai Tumis / Assam Fish (RM 20)
Yummy Assam fish....

The fish was fresh (good) but what really sold it was the wonderful sauce - great balance of sour/spicy infused with the aromatic but not overpowering fragrance of spices.
(Went so well with the rice)

Worth a mention are the drinks we tried, the Nutmeg Cooler (RM 4) and the Leong Fun (RM 2.50):
Refreshing drinks....

They had a nice home made taste, not too sweet and were really refreshing. :)
(I thought the prices were really decent too)

The friendly manager/ boss lady gave us some of their Cekodok Pisang to try:
My cekodok....

As we munched on the fluffy and slightly crisp balls of cekodok**, she explained that we should try to come back on Sundays as that's when they usually prepare their special Nasi Ulam (which my dad loves).
(** Could have been more banana-ey but it was free lah - No complaints...)

They also have a few interesting pork dishes*** on the regular menu so I'm really looking forward to going back soon.
(*** Pork curry! - I wanted to try but my parents wanted fried chicken that night)

So, it's: Simple but comfortable ambience, friendly service, fairly wide range of non-Halal nyonya food at reasonable prices BUT nothing bad to say loh. :)....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Long Table @ Plaza Glomac, PJ
D02-1/D03-1, Jalan SS7/19, Plaza Glomac, Kelana Jaya, 47100 Petaling Jaya.

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 25 per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 012-2469928
Opening Hours: 11.30am till 3pm, 6pm till 10pm (Closed on Saturday)


The new block of Plaza Glomac, Block D, does not appear on Google Map... but it's roughly here. Hope it helps :)

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  1. I was kinda hoping to see dishes like bak pongteh, devil curry, and perhaps something with keluak. You need to go with an adventurous crowd I suppose.

    You know who to call on if you need a dining partner :)

  2. Errr....long table? All I see are round ones.

  3. Must be a guy who named the restaurant. You know la, they promise you "long" but they deliver something else.

  4. LOL @ Marcky's last comment! :P
    Can't wait to see what porky dishes they have, so u better go there next with some pork-lovers!

  5. Oh I love them kacang botol with belacan... if it's too salty, I just call for more rice to soak up the savoury gravy! ;)

  6. to marcky:
    Yes, I know who to call for dinner, Mr. Cheeky. :P

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    I should totally bring this up the next time I go there - it's so misleading, right? :)

    to PureGlutton:
    Wanna go? :)
    (I reeeeeeeeeally wanted to try out the more unusual/ porky dishes but well, those 3 dishes are my parents' standard requirements! lol)

    to Life for Beginners:
    Hee hee hee. Me too!
    (Did I ever tell you that I am a really big "farn tong" too?)

  7. Yay! FAN TONGS of the WORLD UNITE! :P

  8. to kennymah:
    YAY! We should totally make tshirts for the Fan Tong club! :)

  9. i agree with you, J. it's not easy to convince the folks to try something new, especially when they get older. too far lah, too expensive lah, too oily lah...they can come up with 10000 excuses. haha! brainwashing takes lotsa time and manipulat...erm, planning, i mean. hehe.

  10. to Ciki:
    Cheep cheep! :)
    (Not super cheap tho, but definitely very affordable, considering comfy aircond surroundings...)

    to HairyBerry:
    Yeah! I guess all our darling parents are (more or less) cut from the same mold. :)


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