Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy Monday

Monday Blues Filler Post: Melbourne Post #3 -Shopping Wish List ....

Things I would have bought if I had (a lot) more cents and less sense:

1) Winged Adidas shoes:
Can fly wan ah? ...

I have no idea where I would be able to where this (other than Sungai Wang, KL or Harajuku, Japan) but it's so cute!
(Unfortunately they are also very expensive - around AUD $500 if I remember correctly)

2) Adidas skeletal track suit:
Creepy but cool...

This would be the perfect cool but comfortable outfit for a Halloween party! :)
(No idea what it costs but I'm sure it's super expensive)

3) Cute hat with eyes and ears:

I'm still a kid at heart, I guess - I've always wanted something like this...
(Again, I have no idea when I would have the occasion to wear this without looking silly... lol)

4) Twilight and New Moon board games:
Emo sparkly vampires ...

This would be the perfect presents for some of my friends - I can already imagine their faces if I really gave it to them....
:) :) :)

Erm. Ok....

So this wasn't a proper post/ anything food related** but I hope you enjoyed sharing a moment of silly-ness with me.


** PS/ I promise I'll update properly tomorrow. :)

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  1. shop to kill the blues! i wish i can do so nowww...

  2. Wow!! That was awfully expensive... even though our currency is getting stronger nowadays!

  3. OMG the winged Adidas are SO COOL! I wanna be Perseus or Hermes, now!

    OMG I want it!

  4. to ai wei:
    If only we all had sponsored credit cards too, then can "release stress" without worrying about the side effects... :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Yarrr. So expensive, right? The things are cute/ nice but the price is really painful....

    to Marcky:
    Me too! Me too!
    Now if only they didnt cost about RM 1500 a pair....

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Haha.. I'm sure you would totally rock that hat, little fox ears and all. :)

  5. That shoe with wings are to kill for! Can become Hermes, the Greek God and maybe land up with a Birkin as well. :D

  6. to Paranoid Android:
    Cool right? If only can really fly with it - think of all the money tt could be saved on flights.
    Lol. :)

  7. Ahh... u still have a lot of sense, gal! :-P

  8. to Ciki:
    Haha... Done. :P

    to PureGlutton:
    I hope so! If not I'll be so broke.. :)


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