Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapelli's @ Chapel St, Melbourne

Melbourne 2010 Post #6: Conveniently located Italian restaurant in the Chapel Street shopping area...

Chapelli's (on Chapel Street *duh* :P) has been around for AGES.... but looking at some other online reviews, it's had its ups and down through the years.

Still, didn't mind heading over there as it used to be our once in a while, special occasion restaurant back in my uni days**:
(** Long, looooong ago.......)
Outside Chapelli's...

It has managed to maintain a comfortable but classy interior, with the long bar marble bar counter being the central highlight:
Mainly black and white decor inside...

The menu there is fairly extensive with a selection of mostly Italian food (pastas, pizzas, etc) and some other stuff like steaks and grilled fish.

I was craving for CARBS that night so I chose the Seafood Risotto (AUD $ 26.90):
My seafood risotto...

It may seem expensive (bloody bleeping RM 3 to AUD 1 exchange rate) but honestly, if you consider that 3 (visiting) Asians (like me) could probably share this and feel full at the end, the serving size is actually very worth the price.

Really! The serving is SO big... Massive, even:

Tastewise, it was pretty good...
- Lots of fresh seafood,
- Nice texture of the rice, not too mushy but not too hard, and
- All accentuated by the yummy taste of the tomato based sauce.

As for Cindy, she went for the Spaghetti Matriciana (AUD $ 19.90):
Cindy's spaghetti...

Overall, it tasted ok:
- The spaghetti was cooked just about right (although I felt it was just a tad overcooked),
- doused with a generous amount of slightly spicy, tart tomato based sauce with lots of bacon and cheese.

Jeremy had the Porterhouse Steak (AUD $ 29.90) with green pepper sauce:
Jeremy's steak...

Overall, also ok:
- Interesting pepper sauce (not too "spicy"),
- Fairly tasty meat, but it could have been just a bit more tender....
(Note: I am pretty hard to please when it comes to steak)

To be completely fair, I don't think Chapelli's is the kinda place you should go out of your way to try.... but if you are in the Chapel Street area (for shopping/ watching a movie at the Jam Factory) then it's a decent choice for Italian food.

So, it's: Convenient location in the Chapel Street area, decent selection of Italian food, may seem expensive BUT the servings are huge (the exchange rate HURTS though, dammit) ....

Summary Information:
Chapelli's @ Chapel St, Melbourne

Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm
Phone: +61 9826 8516
Address: 571 Chapel Street, Melbourne, Australia
Map: (Below)
Website: -



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  1. yeah girls here can order entree portions as the mains..

    it does look huge!

  2. this made me curious enough to check out the historical charts for aussie dollars to ringgit. apparently, exactly two years ago, it was 2.2! but that only lasted several months. maybe i'll wait for it to dip closer to 2.5 before i make my first trip to melbourne (someday, someday!)
    btw, i bet i'd love that risotto :D

  3. when u travel... do not.. I repeat, DO NOT convert the currency!

    P.S: even though it's sound easy but I know it's hard not to think of the conversion rate!! LOL

  4. Chappelli's! Oh I had so many late-night waistline-expanding expeditions here! The most memorable ones had to be this GIGANTIC stack of pancakes at midnight! Hmm, wonder if year-end tix to Melbourne's hit the ceiling yet...

  5. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    It was. Couldn't finish even half of the rice...

    to Sean:
    Well, back when I started studying there, the forex was only 1.9 to 2.1... *sigh*

    to thule aka leo:
    LOL. I keep telling myself that too but it doesn't always work. :)

  6. to Minchow:
    Only one way to find out!
    (Ooh, and I think I saw in the papers/ twitter that Airasia is having cheap tickets again? Go check - holidays are good for the soul)

  7. re: The exchange rate. Very ouch, yes.

    I do agree that holidays are good for the soul. We need more, more, MORE! :P

  8. to Life for Beginners:
    Exactly! Hip hip hooray for more more more holidays! :)

    And BOO to the forex. <--- it's EVIL.

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  10. Melbourne!
    Re: Portion size - no wonder laa aussies so err.. ahem..

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