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Betty's Midwestern Kitchen @ Aman Suria, PJ

Pork overload?.... :)

I suppose that Betty's Midwestern doesn't need much/ any introduction amongst the pork loving community in PJ, as it's already become a firm favourite among the babitarian masses since opening its doors about 2 years back.
(Just in case though, here's a short summary: Specialises in midwestern American food, family run, located in Aman Suria)

Somehow, it took me about 2 years to finally go try it out, but well, better late than never, right? :)
Outside Betty's....

Inside, the decor is simple and cheerful. The only downside is that it gets a bit noisy and claustraphobic when it gets packed...
(... And apparently, it is packed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, from 7pm onwards)
Inside Betty's....

It was a big group that night and we ate A LOT, so I'll keep the descriptions fairly short. :)
(Hope you don't mind)

- Dog Food (RM 7.50+):
Messy plate of "dog food"....

This is one of the most popular starters here - a simple combination of thick french fries doused with a slightly runny sauce (tasted like mushroom sauce mixed with brown sauce) and cheese, which turned out to be fairly tasty.
(Eat quickly though, or the combination becomes mushy.)

- Pigs in a blanket (RM 8+):
Uh oh....

Although the bacon tasted ok, I didn't like that the little sausages had a slightly sweet taste.

- House Salad (RM 8+)
A glimmer of good health....

Normal, but otherwise it's a refreshing accompanying dish to balance out all the meat. :)

- Budweiser (RM 15+)
Um mer ree kan beer....

What? Beer is an essential starter to my meal lah. :P
(Haha.. Tastewise, it was ok....)

- Pulled Pork Burger (RM 12+):

Not bad! Although I would have liked if the pieces of pork were more tender, I would order this again - it's incredibly reasonably priced.

- Grilled Pork Belly (RM 24.50+):
More pork....

Again, I would have liked if it was a tad more tender, but otherwise the meat was well marinated and tasty, with a good balance of fat. Nicer when dipped into the accompanying sauce. :)

- Classic Meatloaf (RM 15+)
Even more pork....

This is another of the popular dishes here - Overall, it was pretty nice, with the tender (almost too tender/ soft) meat mince mixing well with the taste of healthy veggies like celery and carrot.

- Grilled Baby Back Ribs (RM 28.50+)
..and more ....

Again, the meat was well marinated and tasty but it wasn't exactly falling off the meat tender.

- Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt (RM 25.50+):

(We ordered this because of the funny name. Lol)
Tastewise, also not bad...

(One of my friends said she could taste the beer very strongly in the sauce but I couldn't - maybe because I was already drinking beer on the side anyway)

- Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream (RM 8+):
Dessert time....

A nice, refreshing way to end the meal with the tart apple chunks going well with the ice cream.

Overall: Simple restaurant in the Aman Suria area with a variety of reasonably priced, porky American food BUT it gets super packed - either get there early (before 6.30pm) or book ahead (Warning: They do not accept bookings for Fridays and weekends)....

Summary Sheet:

Betty's Midwestern Kitchen @ Aman Suria, PJ

A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Taste: 6
Ambience : 5
Service : 7
Price** : RM 45++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-7880 0196
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Closed Mondays)
Parking : OK


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  1. Dog Food - what a name!! Can i bring my doggies for this?! :P

  2. we find the food here pretty average lor ..

  3. ermm i haven't even been here yet

  4. Has it been two years now? Well food there hasn't been very good the last few times i went. But we still love the Juicy Lucy burger. Worth the try next time

  5. 2 %#%^%&^ years?? Gosh.. it was that long? I live so near yet you beat me to it :P
    but then, I read some not-so-good-reviews on their services.. apparently, they will try to make you leave earlier in the event of fullhouse.. as they want to serve new customers!

  6. wonder when they're gonna open a second outlet! they'd probably do quite well if they branched out to ss2, kota damansara, ttdi, etc :D

  7. to PureGlutton:
    Haha.. Well, dog food is for dogs, right? So it would be cool if they really did allow your cute lil doggies there to eat it. :P

    to Ciki:
    Yeah... but the prices are very reasonable so it's definitely a decent place to have a porky meal. :)

    to Babe_kl:
    It's not too late. Go this weekend or next! I'm sure your Boi Boi will like the burgers there...

    to qwazymonkey:
    It's been roughly 2 years..
    (How quickly time flies!)

    Have to try the Juicy Lucy next round - can't believe how we missed it despite almost eating everything on the menu. :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Haha. No cursing please, Leo! :P
    (I guess the service there is erratic?.. On the night I was there, they were nice n did not rush us even though there were people waiting outside...)

    to Sean:
    Strangely they opened a (sort of) branch just a few doors away! :)
    (But I think the menu is slightly different)

  8. Actually they've only been open for a year (they just celebrated their first anniversary early October).

    If the branch you're referring to is Rosemary Bites, I doubt they have any relation to Betty's. Rosemary Bites is pork-free and looks empty every time I pass by when going to Betty's..

    Betty's also does an awesome bacon cheeseburger, yummy deep-fried mozzarella sticks, a nice and fresh beer-battered fish and wedges with salsa, more uncommon fare like Minnesota Corndogs and grilled pork chops with apples or orange cream, and occasional specials like whole roast chicken stuffed with bacon, pumpkin and a beer can just this past Halloween.

    Sorry for the long post; long-time reader, first-time poster. 8)

  9. To anonymous 8):
    No name wannnnnnn? :p
    haha. Well thanks for the comment. It's always nice, whether long or short.

    (I coulda sworn tt I read somewhere tt Rosemary Bites is related to Betty's somehow? Oh well... Maybe I remembered wrongly)
    (gah. Thinking about bacon n burgers now getting hungry!)

  10. OMG... I am sure this place spawned a lot of babi places as they seem to be sprouting out everywhere. I do remember sharing a porky meal with two beautiful ducklings who transformed into beautiful swans immediately after a babilicious meal.

    Mwahahaha..... I sould do some PR work for porky restaurants.

  11. to Paranoid Android:
    If only it were that easy - one bite of babilicious food to turn us babe-alicious. :P
    (Getting ready in the morning would be wondrous! Mmmmm... bacon)

  12. Read a lot about this place. Have been wanted to try but always there's something up and made me forgot about it. Will surely go and try after I come back from my Singapore trip next week.

  13. to Simon Seow:
    Haha. Same like me! That's why it took me so long to finally try it. :)

    ... but it's never too late. Hope you enjoy it when you go try it out.


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