Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marutama Ramen @ Farenheit 88, KL

Piping hot ramen at Farenheit 88, KL...

Heard from my friend Gary (HARLOW! *waves*) about this ramen place in the newly opened Farenheit 88 (previously known as KL Plaza) so went to check it out... :)
(This was after fighting through the hordes at the also very new Uniqlo KL outlet, so I REALLY needed some yummy food to recharge myself)

Marutama Ramen is kinda hidden though - located at a corner of the first floor:
Hidden at the inner (left) corner of the 1st floor....

It's a fairly small restaurant with simple decor but, overall, it feels comfortable:
Inside Marutama....

As for the menu there: It's very limited, with only 4 types of ramen, 1 rice dish and a handful of side dishes (like gyoza, etc)....
(Still I suppose it's a good thing - means they are concentrating on what they do well?)

Reading the descriptions of the ramens though, I was a bit disappointed:
"Chicken soup ramen with pork slices? What a strange combination... ", I thought.
(Note: Not their fault. I like pork too much, especially porky to the max ramen soups)

Still, post-slurp, I found that I liked the Marutama Ramen (RM 18) - its noodles were springy enough and its savoury soup was hearty without being too thick/heavy:
House specialty - the Marutama ramen....

We also tried the Aka Ramen (RM 22):
Nutty noodles! :)....

Although I didn't find it at all spicy (as they described), I loved how the "secret blend of 7(?) types of nuts" added complexity to the soup - heartwarmingly savoury yet a bit sweet and sour (in a good way) with a slightly nutty aftertaste.

The meatballs were also nice - chunky texture yet still tender, and most importantly, tasted freshly made.
(To be fair though, the price seems a bit expensive considering that the serving size is not very big....)

If you like, you can also add in a sprinkle or two of the addictively crispy deep fried garlic slices that they have on every table:
(My mum LOVED this. She almost finished the whole jar by herself. Lol)

A pretty essential side order here is the Egg (RM 2):
Cholesterol is delicious....

Whilst it was just a tad too salty (on the outside), I loved the perfect texture - firm white and divinely runny yolk inside.
:D :D :D

Overall, both my mum and I really enjoyed our meal there, and can't wait to go back to try the other 2 types or ramen.
(Really curious what they taste like)

So, it's: Simple but comfortable ambience, yummy ramen, friendly service BUT nothing bad actually - the menu is limited but (so far) everything tastes nice.....

Summary Sheet:

Marutama Ramen @ Farenheit 88, KL

Lot Flr. 27.01, 1st floor, Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang

Taste: 7
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 25 per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 2 course meal, excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-2141 1573
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm


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- thenomadGourmand
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  1. i remembered sitting by the tall windows at the side of the restaurant, with a sweeping view of bukit bintang's (slightly sleazy) back alleys, heheh :D

  2. Lol. So did u see anything "interesting" as u ate?

  3. ive been trying to look for this restaurant when i passed by fahrenheit the other day, but patience got the best out of me, so i gave up searching and went for starhill instead, looks like its time for a visit soon :D

  4. ahh, no, it was broad daylight. and i think i was paying more attention to the nutty noodles :D

  5. Was thinking to drop by Fahrenheit yesterday as I was at Pavilion... but then the thoughts of the crowd deterred me... hehe

  6. to AugustDiners:
    LOL. Yeah, well they are kinda hidden so not that easy to find. Next time, just walk all the way in, take the escalators up just after the Concierge desk, and it should a few steps further down the corridor (sort of slightly on your left)...

    to Sean:
    Haha... Well, "interesting" things can happen in the day time too lah, but I guess you were distracted by the noodles. :P

    to Jason:
    I think as long as you avoid Uniqlo, it should not be so bad... :)

  7. Those eggs are so gorgeous! I'm not a fan of yellow but that golden yolk is liquid sunshine!

  8. to minchow:
    Isn't it wonderful? Anytime we want, we can have "sunshine", even on a cloudy day... :)

  9. Larve the noodles here. A tad pricey, given what was served though :)

  10. To unka Leong: Well, at least ur money is well spent, right?:)


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