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"Michael's" Western Food @ Restoren Kuan Yew, SS3. PJ

Coffeeshop Western food in SS3 - cheap and greasy, fuss free food....

Michael's Western Food (the main stall in Restoren Kuan Yew) has been around for AGES, providing everyone in the neighbourhood an affordable option when the craving for Western food arises:
(My parents used to take me here once in a while as a treat during dinnertime)
Outside the "restaurant"...

Actually, I'm not sure whether "Mr. Michael" still owns/ cooks at this stall but I still call it that. :)

Anyway, business still seemed fairly brisk, with the coffeeshop pretty packed, or more than half full anyway:
(Note: There also seemed to be a few tables of neighbourhood "Uncles" who were there having 3 or more courses of beer for dinner *lol*)
The ambience inside the coffeeshop...

The ordering system is simple:
Step 1:
Go to the counter/ stall. Order and pay for the dish of your choice:
Order at the main stall counter...

Step 2:
You will be given a number, or in this case, an alphabet. Place this on your table and wait for your food (which shouldn't take more than 20 minutes):
Waiting for U...

Step 3:
When your food arrives, eat loh. :P
SooJ attacks the chicken chop...

I was there with a fairly large group of friends and we ate almost everything on the limited menu (save for the T bone steak and Grilled Salmon) so I'll group it into 2 groups to make things simple: Food I found NICE and Food that was OK LAH.

(Note: By "nice", I mean nice by coffeeshop standards, ok? :P Please don't compare to fine dining unless you can find me an awesome fine dining restaurant in Malaysia which serves steak priced at RM 12 to compare with....)

- Mixed grill (RM 10):
Don't expect them to spend any time on food presentation :)...

While I hate the slightly synthetic tasting, overprocessed sausage that comes along with this, I have always loved the combination of a little bit of everything - fish, chicken, lamb and an egg. All that, for just 10 bucks? Awesome. :)
(Each on it's own is nothing special, but this is a great dish to order when you are feeling carnivorous yet fickle, as often happens to me.....)

- Sirloin Steak (RM 12):
The steak...

Stole some of Sooj's steak and was surprised that it was pretty good - fairly tender and juicy, went well with the slightly thick and garlicky sauce.
(Warning: Strangely, one side was perfect and the other was slightly overcooked/tough)

Here's a cross section of nicer side of the steak, if you were curious:
Not bad for 12 bucks!...

- Fish & Chips (RM 6):
Fishy fish and chips...

I remember liking this a lot when I was younger, as the batter is crispy and slightly crumbly... but when I ate this the other night, there was a slight fishy aftertaste.

I'm not fussy, so I would have happily just masked with a squeeze or 2 of lemon but I was told they don't provide that anymore.
(How things have changed)

- Mexican Chicken Chop (RM 7):
El Pollo Mexicano...

Nothing wrong with this - it's just a basic chicken chop (medium portion size), fairly tender... but I just never really liked the slightly sweet "Mexican" sauce. It remains one of the more popular choices here though - something like their specialty dish.

- Lamb Chop (RM 9):
Skinny chops...

Fairly tender but gosh, the 3 pieces of lamb were sliced really thin loh... It was also just a tad too salty but the sour-ish mint sauce helped tone down the sodium OD.

- Satay (RM 0.65 per stick):
Our small pile of sate ayam...

This is not from "Michael's", but from a Makcik from another stall in the coffeeshop. Not bad in terms of tenderness and meat to fat ratio, but it tasted a bit over-marinated with the flavour of the kunyit (tumeric) being just a tad overpowering.
(Note: There is also another stall there selling simple chinese food (some types of fried meats/ veggies/ rice/ noodles) but dunno how that tastes - never tried it before)

So, it's: Simple coffeeshop setting, limited selection but decent tasting Western food at decent prices, convenient location for PJ folk in SS3 BUT some hits and misses, parking can be a problem on Tuesday nights (pasar malam night) and nothing else bad, just please don't expect it to be as nice as a proper restaurant - it's cheap! :)...

Summary Information:;
"Micheal's" Western Food @ Restoren Kuan Yew, SS3. PJ

Opening Hours:
- Western food (approx) 5.30pm to 9pm.
- Other mostly non halal hawker stall selection (chicken rice, noodles, etc (approx) 11am to 3pm
Phone: ?
Address: Corner coffee shop, Jalan SS3/31, SS3, Petaling Jaya.

NO PORK SERVED (at night)
NOT HALAL (daytime)

(Thanks for setting up the map, Taufulou! :) I borrowed your link...)

View Kopitiam Kuan Yew in a larger map

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.. and of the other food available in the daytime:
- I Come, I See, I Hunt and I Chiak

PS/ Hope you had a great long Deepavali weekend. :)

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  1. Gosh, I had no idea where ss3 was until I saw your map! :D I'm impressed that there's still an rm7 chicken chop to be found in the klang valley!

  2. Wow, SS3 the land of cheap & tasty Western food! Pretty sure I'm going to get hopelessly lost but if I managed to find Hup Soon before, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find this place, give or take an hour or two of meandering about the area. Mixed grill sounds good by me!

  3. to Sean:
    Yeah, I have no idea how they have managed to maintain their margins all these years - I think it used to be 6 bucks for the chicken chop many years ago and now it's just 7!

    to minchow:
    Well, it's very near my house - we could go there together for dinner one day... but I warn you: the food is really just good because it's cheap. :)

  4. SS3 is a new (old) area for me too! Time to go exploring and food-hunting, methinks! :)

  5. To life for beginners:
    exploring is always good. You never know what gems you may find, right? :)

  6. tonight going up there

  7. To nikel: Hope u enjoy it. :)

  8. Staff Valery rude, terrible attitude!!! Scolded customer who waited for 1hr when ask for their food. Not recommended to visit, no next time.

  9. Staff Valery rude, terrible attitude!!! Scolded customer who waited for 1hr when ask for their food. Not recommended to visit, no next time.

  10. Terrible service and keep waiting too 45min oso can't done and customer go to ask the Indonesia lady scolded customer


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