Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend Stay @ G Tower KL

Mini holiday without even leaving town....

So,... what is this "G Tower" in KL?

Is it a:
A) Office building
B) Hotel, or
C) Fitness Club?

Well, it's actually all that and more*, located conveniently just a few minutes walk from Ampang Park LRT and a stone's throw away from KLCC (and Zouk!)....
(* They also have a pretty good selection F&B wise, both in terms of eateries in the hotel and some of their tenants (Social KL and Rakuzen) on the Ground Floor and is also the first and only certified green hotel in KL)

At first glance, I thought the lobby area looked normal enough, although just a tad strange because there are 2 giant chillies in the middle:
(Lol. Don't mind me. I'm just a plebe who doesn't understand art, I guess?)
The main lobby of G Tower KL...

... but when I arrived at the hotel reception (on the 11th floor), I fell in love with how they had an understated but sophisticated layout, contrasting classic furniture designs and natural textures (some of which they say is made from recycled driftwood) against "cold" elements like the shiny marble flooring and metal finishings on the wall:
Beautiful refurbished chairs, near the hotel reception...

Metal fishies swimming on the wall...

Anyway, after a quick check in process, I went straight over to my room:
My room! :)...

While I can't say I've stayed in many hotels in the KL area**, I did feel that it was pretty spacious for a room in the main city area - also loved how wonderfully firm and comfy the big bed was... and the pillows? I miss them so much already.
(It was also nice that they had a decent sized desk, with free wifi / optional paid high speed broadband, which would be useful for business travellers)

- Loved the lounge chair!:
(Would have packed this into my suitcase if there was any way I could get away with it)
Beautiful and comfortable too...

- Ooh, there's a walk in wardrobe too! (Small, but still a nice touch)
Every girl's dream...

- Nice rainshower and a TV in the bathroom:
Nice design...

Here's a quick overview of the other facilities for hotel guests:
- 1 small but beautiful infinity pool and jacuzzi:
The view from the pool...

- A pretty gigantic and well equipped gym, with sauna and pool too!:
(Wah. The equipment is so high tech - everyone gets their own little TV screen)
Some of the brand new, state of the art equipment...

- 3 meeting rooms:
(Available through booking - contact the Facilities Officer when you're there)
One of the 3 meeting rooms...

- Beautiful lounge/ bar:
(The Bridge Bar - It's not very big but it sure is pretty! And wonderfully, a lot of recycled materials were used to make it - eg. The bar counter is made from recycled wine bottles)
The Bridge Bar by day...

- Modern Italian restaurant where they pride themselves in using only the freshest products possible:
(Trattoria Tanzini - Review coming up soon)
Tanzini by day...

- Function room with a beautiful (pretty much) 360degree view of KL through its floor to ceiling glass panels:
Function room just above Tanzini...

- Airy spacious coffeehouse/ lounge area with cute additions like mini "living rooms" with wide screen tvs and some computer workstations at the side:
I wish my living room was this nice :(...

Hmmmmm. Wait.

Are you thinking: "Eh? Why on earth is she reviewing hotels/ hotel rooms lah?"

Well, the nice people from Goldis (through their PR company - *waves to Swee Lyn*) were nice enough to offer it, for pretty much no strings attached so I thought: "YAY. Why not?"
(Thanks! Really appreciate it....)

It was perfect timing as I really needed a mini break - work stress was building up like a pressure cooker. So, needless to say, I really enjoyed the stay at G Hotel...
(What really impressed me though was that with all they had done to make the hotel/building "green", it took nothing away from the the beauty and comfort of the hotel... In fact I think it enhanced it!)

For more info on the hotel/ the office units/ etc, do check out their main website: CLICK HERE.
(I believe that there are 3 types of hotel room available, with prices ranging from around RM350... and they're pretty exclusive too, as there are only 180 rooms available)

G Tower and Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Hotel Tel: +603 2168 1919
Hotel Fax : +603 2168 1818
Email :

Leasing Tel: +603 2168 1800
Leasing Email:

Thanks to TNG for referring me for this. *MUAKS*

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- Lastly: Random photo of a chocoholic, spotted in the hotel room doorway:


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  1. wow so nice, all of you guys had a free nite!

  2. Love the last shot... wish it was clearer and the model closer to the camera though... ;)

  3. G for Gorgeous i suposed. What about the bathroom-anything special? Most hotels under estimate it especially on its lighting ( which is best if it could be controlled), size and toiletries

  4. SEXAY! last shot nais.. ;)

  5. i wish they'd turn tanzini's function room floor into the actual dining hall for regular customers. it's so much prettier than the lower floor! :D

  6. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    It was such a treat! :)
    (If only this happened more often *dreams*)

    to Life For Beginners:
    ... but that would ruin the air of mystery. :P :P

    to Brother B:
    Well, the hotel is so new so overall, the bathroom is very nice. Size-wise is medium, and the rain shower is cool. :)

    to Ciki:
    Haha... Thanks. :) *blush*

    to Sean:
    Well, you can have the whole function room to yourself,... for a price. ;P

    to PureGlutton:
    You're too kind. Thanks, dear PG... :)

  7. well, for RM350.. it's pretty cheap by KL's standard!

  8. it seem you are addicted to more than just chocolate

  9. to thule aka leo:
    Chow Kit area "hotel" is cheaper. hahaha. Kidding. :)

    Yes, 350 is decent price for such a prime KL location...

    to walk in wardrobes:
    I admit! The list is pretty long. :)
    (Chocolate, coffee, desserts in general, etc etc etc)

  10. Chantique! How much per nite ah? ^^

    By the way, you know Pei Yin?

  11. to jason:
    I think the room prices start from about RM 350 per night? (frm the website)

    If you are referring to Pei Yin who is staying in Melbourne now, then yes! She is my ex-colleague. :)
    (How do you know her! Such a small world...)


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