Thursday, November 04, 2010

SkyTrex Adventure @ Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

Fun but tiring day out crossing the canopies, high in the air....

I remember going to Bukit Cahaya (aka Bukit Cherakah) many, many, maaaaaaaannnny years ago with my childhood BFF. Honestly, the memories are hazy but I do vaguely remember it being a fun day out cycling, running around, etc, amongst the greenery.

Whilst Bukit Cahaya doesn't look like it has changed much since then, there has been an interesting new (extreme) addition to the park in fairly recent years - the Sky Trex challenge, which my friends and I went to try out recently....
The main ticket counter and entrance into the Park...

- The bus from the front gate to the Sky Trex area:
(You can also walk or cycle there, but it's not that near....)
Cute bus!...

- Arriving at the Sky Trex main grounds:
The main entrance into Sky Trex...

Upon arrival, we headed over to the main "check-in area" to fill up and sign all the appropriate indemnity forms.

Then, (oh, nervous anticipation!) we went to the Ranger station to get all the gear we need:
RAWR? (All geared up but actually feeling so scared)...

Next, we were given a short but informative briefing and training course....
...and (by this point I was DARNED NERVOUS ALREADY) then, started on the first part of the Big Thrill course... Going up, up, up! *gulp*:
That's a frikkin long ladder up...

- What do you think? Is it high?:
Looking down from the first platform...

Here's a look at some of the many challenges we faced:
- Zig. Zag. Watch where you put your feet!
Giddy yet?...

- Swinging, high up in the air:
This was pretty tough...


- YAY! Finished!:


They have 3 circuits available (which are essentially set at 3 different difficulty levels):
(Note: All also have to call ahead and book your slots first - you can't just turn up)

1) Little Adventure (aka. The Easiest one) (RM 30/ per person)
".... The various challenges is guaranteed to keep the children, and also the less adventurous adults, busy but happy throughout the day..."

Time to complete: Approximately 0.5 hour for each round. Each group is entitled to 2 hours (max) of unlimited rounds
Minimum height requirement: 1.1 m
Maximum weight: 100 kg

2) Big Thrill (aka. The Normal one) (RM 40/ per person)
"... consists of 23 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from “easy“ to “very difficult“.... reaching the height of 17 meters, feel the adrenaline..."

Time to complete: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Minimum height requirement: 1.4 m
Maximum weight: 100 kg

3) Extreme Challenge (aka. The Hardest one) (RM 45/ per person)
"... new circuit is the latest addition to the park and boasts 21 extreme challenges... some platforms reaching the height of 22 meters..."

Time to complete: Approximately 2 - 3 hours
Minimum height requirement: 1.4 m
Maximum weight: 100 kg

Here are their contact details, if you are interested:
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +601 3276 9841 (Please call only from 9am - 6pm)
Fax: +603 7960 8290

(Note: There are discounts for groups of >10 people)

For more details, you can also head over to their official website.

A big thanks to Soo Jin and Kenneth for arranging this fun day out!
(I don't think I've overcome my fear of heights yet but it was very empowering to stare it in the face and complete the course....)

Here are some others' experiences:
- No Stranger To Heng
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- Stay Tune

Feeling empowered (but slightly sore),

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  1. *sigh* always mission fail wan when I try to get my colleagues to go there. Maybe I barking up the wrong tree..Should ask friends instead :P

  2. Haha.. Always better to try arranging with friends - sometimes colleagues might feel: "Wei. I see enough of you in the office already! You want me to spend my weekend with you too??"...

  3. This is definitely something i'll do!
    Actually I'm tryin to get a group up, timing ..timing..timing..

  4. i've never been to bkt cahaya before! i avoid the sun like a vampire! :D but congrats on completing a 1.5-hour challenge (like u, i'm kinda scared of heights too, but it gets better, rite) :D

  5. To tng: it's fun! Hope u enjoy it when u go... Try to get 10 or more ppl then u can get a discount :)

  6. To sean: Nothing a generous amount of sunblock can't help with, mr vampire! :p And maybe if u try out this challenge u can get over ur fear of heights? :)
    (only one way to find out)

  7. This was something we planned to get our Sports Club members to do, haha! Next year's program!

  8. hmm not sure whether i still meet the weigh requirements!!

  9. To Pureglutton:
    oh cool. Hope u have fun with ur colleagues :) Definitely it will be a day they will remember!

    To Joe:
    You're not tt far away! You're so tall so of course ur heavier too.

  10. why never book thru arrrrr :P chissss !

  11. Free on Sun, want to do food tasting. Roasted chicken with A BEER CAN shaft in the a..

  12. To ciki:
    sorrry babe. My friends did all the organising n I was just along for the ride :)

    To nyonya chef: yay. Will contact u soon. Sounds good!

  13. is a one of the more impressive blogs I've seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence.

  14. to anonymous:
    Awww, Thanks for the really kind words.. *blush* :)
    (Now I feel guilty for not updating my blog for too long...)

  15. to anonymous:
    Awww, Thanks for the really kind words.. *blush* :)
    (Now I feel guilty for not updating my blog for too long...)


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