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Lizzy's Chocolate Creations @ Carnegie, Melbourne

Melbourne 2010 Post #4: My chocolate dreamland...

(Note: No actual photos, but I have drawn some pictures to accompany this post - please try not to laugh too hard at them.... :P)

Knowing how much I like chocolate, Cindy very kindly made it a point to bring me to her favourite chocolatey place in Melbourne - Lizzy's Chocolate Creations, located in a suburb called Carnegie....
(It's quite near to the main Melbourne city area actually, just about 8 stops away from the Flinders Street Station, down the Pakenham or Cranbourne train line)
Train Map from the Metlink website...

Lizzy's is actually a chocolaterie where they hand make a variety of chocolate delights (including some really interesting flavours like Earl Grey, Lavender, etc)... but Cindy said that the thing that she loves there is the hot chocolate.
(So of course I had to try it)

They have 3 flavours for their Hot Chocolate:
- Milk Chocolate,
- Dark Chocolate and
- Orange Chocolate...

.... which are available in 2 sizes:
- Cup (AUD $3.50), and
- Mug (AUD $4).....
(Badly) Drawn by J
- "Artist's" depiction of my cup of hot chocolate...

As it is just a little chocolaterie in the suburbs, (to be completely honest) I wasn't expecting much - I thought it probably wouldn't be as nice/ nicer than the famous places like Koko Black and Max Brenner's.....

However, I was won over the moment I took a sip from the cup of Hot Chocolate (Milk choc flavour) that I ordered that day:
(Badly) Drawn by J
- "Artist's" depiction of how I felt when I drank the hot chocolate...

Somehow they managed to get the balance JUST RIGHT:
- Smooth texture without any hint of grainy-ness,
- deliciously creamy but not too thick,
- rich, chocolatey taste but without being cloying, and
- served at a nice, warmer than warm, but not piping hot temperature...

Although it was just a TAD too sweet**, overall: YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM.....
(** Apparently this can be adjusted? Just ask for them to adjust it, when you order)

I also tried out some of the chocolates (love truffles!) but the one that stood out was the Orange Slice (priced per 100g - mine was about AUD $1.50?):
(Badly) Drawn by J
- "Artist's" depiction of the Orange Slice...
(BTW: The heart in background is a decoration ah! Does not come with product)

First of all it was so pretty - the glistening glacé fruit (glazed fruit) coated with a medium layer of (dark?) chocolate... and the taste?:
- Not too sweet despite the sugar glaze,
- moist texture with a bit of bite to it, and
- lovely tangy orange flavour, almost marmalade-like, matched perfectly with the creamy chocolate.

:) :) :)

If you couldn't tell already, I REALLY enjoyed my visit (and subsequent visits) to Lizzy's.....


So, it's: DELICIOUS place for hand made chocolates and hot chocolates, much cheaper than the other famous chocolate places, just a short walk from the Carnegie train station BUT nothing except it's not in the main city area (still, it's not far away) and the area is kinda small - just a bench to seat about 3 people inside and 2 tables outside (although I'd never seen it packed the few times I managed to go there)....


I've tried my best to jazz up this post with some pictures, very amateurishly drawn with Microsoft Paint... I lost all the photos in the SD card disaster but I just HAD to share this place with you.

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Summary Information:
Lizzy's Chocolate Creations @ Carnegie, Melbourne

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 3pm (Closed on Sunday)
Phone: +61 3 9568 0689
Address: 172, Koornang Road, Carnegie, Melbourne, VIC 3163, Australia
Map: (Below)
Website: HERE


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  1. cool, cute illustrations! u've got me tempted, really ... and i love it when hot chocolate isn't scorching enough to burn my tongue! :D

  2. Awww thanks Sean! :)
    (phew! Was worried everyone will laff their behinds off at my attempts at drawing... )

    Yeah if ur in Melb u should go to Lizzys n enjoy the just right temperature yummy hot choc.
    (I know I wish I could have one now....)

  3. Glad you liked it :)
    Now I wanna go grab a cup of hot chocolate too!

  4. to cindy:
    Like it? I loved it! :) :)
    (Thanks for bringing me there - I wish I could join you for a cup of hot choc right now...)

  5. lol.. points for effort i guess =P
    now i'll need a guide the next time i go to melbourne for chocolate..

  6. to sooj:
    Haha... Well, at least I get a few points!
    (No need guide - just follow the google map and go to Lizzy's for chocolate when u r in Melb! And buy some back for me pleaaaaaaaase)


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