Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Slice Of Heaven @ Pavilion, KL

A dream come true....

Once upon a time, there were 3 gorgeous creatures who decided to take their passion for cakes to the next level, bringing Just Heavenly into our lives.

Fast forward a few years (with lots of blood, sweat, tears and love thrown in for good measure) they took another step to make their beautiful, and most importantly, YUMMY, cakes more accessible - expanding to A Slice of Heaven outlets, first in Jaya One,... then BSC,... and now in Pavilion! :)
A Slice Of Heaven on the LG Floor of Pavilion...

It was very kind of Nigel and Allan to invite me for their launch night so I went to check it out.
(Haha... I have a sweet tooth and they baited me with cake!)

- They have a range of everyday cakes (small and large) like their famous Chocolate Durian cake and Red Velvet cake:
Choices, choices...

- Of course, there have their special decorative cakes, which were what helped them make their mark:
(I think these are mostly pre-order only though)
Example of a Wedding cake...

- For those looking for mini indulgences, there are always their cupcakes:
Happiness in smaller doses...

- Other than that, they also have a range of really adorable cookies:

- Of course, since it was a launch party, there were lots of yummy finger foods - watch how the horde attacks the plate with the mini wagyu burgers:

- A closer look at the succulent mini burgers:
(Trust me, they were GOOD....)
(Jun, who made these, is a genius!)
Jun's juicy burgers...

- There were also really delicious bite sized samples of their baked goodies, like these Mini key lime tarts:
Tart yumminess...

- ... and these mini Red Velvet cupcakes:
Luscious bites...

- Random photo: Me with a giant cupcake:

A Slice of Heaven is offering limited edition Heavenly Vanilla and Heavenly Chocolate “Paint it Purple” cupcakes.... where part of the proceeds from the sale the Pixel Project and Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO).
(Pixel Project is a global charity organisation working to end violence against women)

It's only available till Oct 31 so do go over and use this as a great (and wonderfully charitable) reason to indulge in some yummy cupcakes.


I know some people** may balk at the prices.
It's definitely not as cheap as let's say, your neighbourhood bakery... but it's not exactly super expensive either - around RM 5 for a cupcake and RM 9 or 10 for a individual small cake...
(** For example. My dear mum, who exclaimed "How much for one cupcake ah?"... but of course she absolutely loved the cupcake I brought home for her....)

Anyway, I think the price is representative of all the quality ingredients (and love!) that they have put into it.......

Admittedly, I have gotten quite spoilt eating their cakes (and FBB's, and my friend Jo's) - now most other cakes just taste synthetic, with all their artificial added flavorings and/ or ridiculous amount of sugar.

At the end of the day though: That's just my opinion, but you go try it out, and decide whether it's worth your hard earned money... :)

Summary Information:;
A Slice Of Heaven @ Pavilion, KL

Opening Hours: (about) 11am to 10pm
Phone: 03-2287 9866 (Main branch - Bangsar), 03-7955 5212 (Jaya 1)
Address: 3 branches
- Pavilion KL (LG Floor),
- BSC (Main concourse) and
- Jaya 1 (Block E).

NO PORK lah! Actually, to be precise, they are HALAL! :)

- Love Zavier

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  1. I'm so sad I missed their launch night on account of being outstation but hey, now that it's at Pavilion, it's even closer to home/office - even easier to get our fave Just Heavenly choc durian cakes! :D

  2. That Durian chocolate cake is what I buy for my staff when it's a slow day at the office and we're in the mood to have a 'meeting' during tea time somewhere out of the office. wait... was that too much info...? damn...

  3. ahhh, their most convenient location for me, since i work in the city. i must remember to get some red velvet cupcakes the next time i watch a movie in pavilion :D

  4. Thanks so much chocoholic girl. ;-)

    That was an adorable write up. Almost as adorable as YOU! ;-)

    We will eventually have a series of specially decorated cakes available for sale over the counter.

  5. to Life for Beginners:
    Your loss - There was more cake for me that night! :P

    to Chindiana:
    haha... It's ok wat. Whats wrong with sharing that? Means that u r a good boss who is nice to his staff. :)

    to Sean:
    Perfect! :) :) :)

    to Nigel:
    Awww. *blush*
    Thanks.... but it was my pleasure, really. :)

  6. sharing that we ponteng work and leave the office for those cakes? hahah! we thani laterzzzz

  7. AHhh... bummer that I couldnt make it for this event. Looks like lotsa yummy cakes & yummy ppl were there! ;-)

  8. to Chindiana:
    Well, ur the boss so u make the rules! :)
    (Maybe you have innovated a great way to motivate your staff...)

    to PureGlutton:
    Yarr. The cakes were yummy. :)
    And haha... the ppl looked yummy. Didn't bite them so dunno for sure.

  9. ah!! I have been away for too long :P

  10. to thule aka leo:
    Actually, it has been quite long, horr? When r u n Jen free for another makan session - long overdue oredi! :)

  11. its really sweet,i borrow 1 of ur picture :)

  12. No problem! :)
    (thanks for asking... It's very nice of u)

  13. there mught be no pork but are there alcohols? just curious, coz lots of the cooking shows tend to put wine, rum etc into their pastries

  14. To muneer: As far as I know, they don't use any alcohol
    in their cakes. Lemme check n I'll reconfirm
    with u here. :)
    (or u can call them at 03-2287 9866 (Main branch - Bangsar) or 03-7955 5212 (Jaya 1) to check)

  15. to Muneer:
    Hey there. :)
    I have just checked with them and they said that their products/kitchens are Halal certified.


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