Thursday, October 07, 2010

TOKL Awards 2010 - Short List is Out!

It's now or never - Last round of voting....

Dear everyone,

The short list is out (results of the initial nominations + voting) so now, it's time for you to cast your final votes! :)
(Click HERE to go to the TOKL website voting page)

Hopefully, all/ most of your favourites have made it into the list, but if not then have a look and maybe vote for another worthy restaurant/ chef....

Every vote counts!,

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  1. quite a diverse list, eh. but i had to google suzy's corner (best mamak/hawker) cos i had not heard of it before :D

  2. Extremely diverse! :)
    (And there are a few on the list that I was like "Erm. What? How did that get in there?")


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