Friday, June 17, 2011

The Food Studio @ Amarin Mont Kiara

I add to my Skillz....

Some time ago**, I was invited for a baking class by the lovely Becky, extended from the kind people at the Food Studio.
(** An almost embarassingly long time ago lah, actually... I seriously have to concentrate on clearing my Blog post backlog....)

A fun day out, learning how to cook***, in a beautiful kitchen, taught by a very experienced Imported chef? Of course, I jumped (for joy) at the opportunity. :)
(*** A skill I am hopelessly NOT adept with)

All the ingredients are prepped, ready for you to use... of course, there is still some cutting/ dicing required but its so they can teach you how to do it properly...
A small part of the ingredients provided....

We were split into teams and each got our own kitchen station, equipped with everything you could possibly need including a fancy Electrolux oven....
Wah! I wish I had a kitchen like this....

Although we were all given printed instructions, it doesn't stop there - the patient and knowledgeable Chef Paul demo-ed and guided us through, even throwing in special tips on how to make things easier/yummier....
A 5 Star chef, and such a nice guy too....

It always amazes me how certain ingredients, mixed in the right proportions and applied with some heat can produce such wondrous flavours. Here, we prepared the filling for one of the pies that was so delicious....
(A creamy leek, chicken and mushroom mix - I think it would taste glorious with some pasta, or even some rice!)
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Delicious....

Later, we waited for our pies to finish baking in the oven, and relaxed in the beautiful dining area just next to the kitchen area. There is even a nice open air area just through the glass doors, overlooking the hillside....
A nice place to enjoy the food later....

Scenic outdoor area....

To put it bluntly - I kinda suck at cooking... but Chef Paul was sweet and helpful and made learning how to bake/cook very easy****. To my joy/surprise: All 3 pies I made that day actually tasted good!
(**** Of course I was also very lucky to be paired up in a team with PureGlutton, who is a goddess in the kitchen...)
Left to right: Creamy Chicken and Leek Pie, Shephard's Pie and Apple Pie....

My favourite was the Shephard's Pie :D....

For cooking clases there, (Minimum Participants: 8, Maximum Participants: 12), they can teach a variety of different cuisines, in your choice of 3 different formats:
Have your very own private cooking live show by watching our talented chef prepare each dish right in front of you step by step
Change to your apron and our chef will guide you through the menu and everyone gets to feel the real deal hands on
c) 8 + 8 DINNER
After all courses are done, every participant can invite one guest to join and enjoy the fruits of the hard labour all together

They also do all sorts of Private Events (Birthday Parties, etc)/ Product Launches/ Meeting Packages - do call/email them for more details.
(Contact details at the bottom of this post)

What a fantastic day - Learnt so much and had so much fun.
(Now, all I need to do is go out and buy an oven. Lol... >.>)

Slightly more Skilled now,

Summary Information:;
The Food Studio @ Amarin Mont Kiara

Opening Hours: Various
Phone: +603 6205 1188
Fax: +603 6201 5128
Address: Amarin Kiara, LG 2, Jalan Desa Kiara 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Website: Official website


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  1. you clever girl! when you gonna make PIE for ME? :P

  2. heheh, thank goodness you've never been paired with me in a cooking class! otherwise you'd end up doing 95 percent of the work (including fixing all my mistakes when i accidentally put too much salt into the pie). but hey, your pies look perfect and totally professional! i'd happily eat :D

  3. holy schmoly! they look so gourmet!

  4. to Ciki girl:
    No problem - as long as you have an oven in your house n u don't mind being my guinea pig. :) :)

    to Sean:
    LOL. I'm sure we would have still been able to bumble along together and come up with something nice!
    (Hey, how do you know I wont be the one making 95% of the mistakes? :P)

    to Michelle Chin:
    Thanks! :)
    Chef Paul is a good teacher... That and PureGlutton is a really really good team mate to have!

  5. Love this cooking studio as it has such a lovely nature element.

    Well done with the pies!

  6. To Boo_licious:
    Yeah it's such a lovely kitchen isn't it? Wish I had one
    like that... :) And thanks! I think PureGlutton saved me from pie-tastrophe!


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