Monday, June 11, 2007

Back In KL

Oh man - I'm actually so tired from my break in Singapore!

I guess I was just trying to cram too much into the 3 days that I was there.... And P was no help either - he kept saying that we cannot waste time because it's so limited...
It's funny: He kept teasing me by asking me to chew my food faster!
(I'm a pretty slow eater as compared to him - he's usually finished by the time I'm halfway done)

Still, I had lots of fun walking around, eating, shopping and just enjoying the whole experience of Singapore.... I can't explain into too much length here but these are the main things I have observed about Singapore:
1) The national past time in Singapore seems to be hanging around Orchard Road.
Seriously, there were hordes of people! At times, I felt a little overwhelmed by the swarms of people walking around the street area and inside the shopping centers:
Humans everywhere....

2) Singaporeans love designer brands.
It seemed like every other girl was carrying a designer bag - anything from Guess (which is already not that cheap) to the newest Burberry (which I love but costs almost 3,000 Singapore Dollars) to the newest Fendi (which costs EVEN more - almost 6,000 Singapore Dollars!).

There were even loooong lines outside some stores (like Coach and Gucci) that were having some discounts to clear off their Spring/ Summer collections.
(Mind you, getting 30% discount off (about 300 Singapore Dollars) a Coach bag is saving a lot... but on the other hand, 700 bucks is still a LOT to pay for a bag - to me, anyway)

3) Wah, (some) Singaporean girls wear very skimpy clothing!
I'm pretty open minded but some of these girls walking around Orchard Road (in broad daylight) had very little cloth on their bodies... bare back halter tops, really mini skirts, etc... They kinda looked like they planned to go clubbing straight after they finished lunch.
Well, who am I to judge them anyway?
If they are comfortable enough with their bodies to bare so much skin, then it's really up to them.

All in all, I had fun in Singapore.
Will update more on the food there as soon as I can.
Till then.....


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  1. You were there on Merv's birthday. You should have surprised him.. hehe..

    Ehh! Kawan! So how much damage this time.. just from shopping??? ;)

  2. to jemima:
    Oh man!
    I didn't know....
    Oh well, there's always next year - haha....

    Anyway, how much did I spend, you ask?
    In short, it wasn't very much but it was still a big chunk of my monthly pay.
    (I was a bit naughty)

  3. Ahhh if only i have loads of $$ hai hai....hehe

    Glad you had fun!

  4. to che-cheh:
    Well, I wish I had a lot of $$ too.
    Then we can both have a carefree shopping spree in Singapore...

  5. I think closer back home, we are reaching that state with designer brands and bare all you can clothes
    I bet you had fun there and shopping must have been fun too
    Was it the big sale in Singapore edi?

  6. Well, in KL/PJ we are much closer to that point than 10 years ago but we still have a fair bit more to catch up with Singapore
    (... especially when it comes to bare all you can clothes)

    (Oh and yes - the sale was big... not as great as I expected but definately not bad)


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