Monday, June 25, 2007

How Far Would You Go To Win A Car?

Some time back, when I was on holiday, I watched a bit of this Italian game show called Distraction. I only caught it about halfway through, but my jaw pretty much hit the floor.

From what I understand, they start off with about 6 contestants and there will then be several rounds of challenges. The contestants will slowly be eliminated and the final contestant stands to win a brand new car.

Yeah, sounds very normal so far, right?

Well, the round I watched: It was the final 2 contestants answering questions while stuck in a phone booth... and every time they answered correctly, a naked person will join them in the phone booth!

Damn, those people were brave!
(This was done in front of a live studio audience)

And it wasn't just naked men or naked women - it was a mix of both genders, young and old, fat and thin - with the only thing in common being their total lack of clothing.
(Thank goodness there was some well placed pixelation on the TV screen to blur out their naughty bits though)

(It turns out that there are various other, sometimes painful, elimination rounds on this show: Find out more here at Wikipedia)

At first, I thought that this game show is crazy for a civilized nation but one night, Pat told me of an even crazier one from Russia that makes it pale in comparison.
(Apparently it's not on the air anymore but was incredibly popular for the one season that it was)

This loony Russian game show was called The Intercept... and the rule of the game was simple:
1) Steal a car (!!) from downtown Moscow,
2) Evade the police as long as you can, and
3) If you can avoid the police arresting you for at least 35 minutes, you win a car!
Oh, and btw: The police carry live ammunition with them.
Yes, you heard me: LIVE AMMUNITION.
(You can check out a bit of the show here on YouTube)

Hmmmmm, makes our Malaysian game shows seem pretty tame and boring, don't you think?

I doubt that any versions of these game shows will ever make it as local spin-offs on our shores but thank God for that - having our darling Mat Rempits zooming around town is enough! If we have weekly rounds of high speed car chases around KL, I will just have to lock myself in the house.
(Oh, and I cringe to imagine seeing naked Makcik/ Pakcik types on screen in the local version of Distraction)

PS/ Yes - I haven't updated on food for a long time - super busy with work...(sorry!)

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  1. ...makciks / pakciks / rempits? I think you'll have the Islamic enforcement officials storming the studio mid-shoot :)

    now THAT would be real game-show entertainment.

  2. to sneexe:
    That would be reality TV at its best! Or worst?
    (Depends on individual taste, I guess)

    to anonymous:


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