Friday, June 15, 2007

Photo-less Food Review

Sorry, you'll just have to use your imagination this time....

I will start by apologising profusely that there are no photos whatsoever for this restaurant review entry....
(There were very few people in the restaurant and I agreed with P not to "act all touristy in a nice restaurant")

Anyway, if the food wasn't nice at all then I wouldn't have bothered to post up anything... but this new outlet of the ever expanding Crystal Jade family is definately worth a try if you're ever in the Vivo City Shopping Centre (Singapore).

The place was definately more upmarket as compared to the other Crystal Jades - the decor is modern yet very Asian (strong red and black colour scheme with Chinese embellishments) and there is a high ratio of wait staff to patrons. There is also a pretty good view of the sea from inside the restaurant (if you take a window seat).

The Peking Duck
The skin is gloriously crispy, with just the right balance of fat (just enough to give it a nice taste without killing you)... And when you wrap it up in the rice skin with a bit of the sweet dark sauce, leek and cucumber.....
(Although P insists that he has tasted better ones in London and KL)
We chose to have the remaining meat fried up with some Ee-Fu mee (Longevity Noodles, I think) and that was really nice too!

The Crispy Pork ("Siew Yoke")
Overall it tasted ok - not too salty, a nice balance of fat and meat, crispy golden brown skin and tender meat. However, the serving was just too tiny!
(I'm not sure I'd order this again)

The Kailan Fried With Garlic
So simple yet so nice.
The kailan was fresh and fragrant, with a nice texture - not too hard and fibrous, as some kailan can be.

Of course, the food there isn't cheap - the half portion of duck was SGD35++, the teeny serving of pork was SGD12++ and the Kailan was SGD15++...
(Approximate prices - I lost the receipt, sorry)
... but still, it's worth a try if you want to have some delicious Chinese food with a nice view of the sea.

That's my 2 cents worth.

So, it's: Nice restaurant which has a great variety of classic Chinese dishes on the Ground Floor of the new Vivo City shopping center BUT expensive considering the serving size and Singapore Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit forex hurts very badly.

Summary Information:
Crystal Jade Dine In @ Vivo City, Singapore

Opening Hours: 11am till late.
Phone: +65 6278 5626
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-112, Vivo City Shopping Centre, Bukit Blangah, Singapore .


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  1. wow..about rm 70+ for 1/2 a duck?!!! goodness.. we can buy 2 ducks here! :D

  2. to meiyen:
    True - but what to do?
    Actually the price is not that expensive to the local Singaporeans but to us it is because of the exchange rate....

  3. haha ducks in london are still the best..cant fight wif the asian duckies..

  4. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    I've never really been to London so I can't compare...
    (I hope to go there one day but dunno when - it is just too expensive!)

  5. Oh this is not something new. They have a similar concept outlet in Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya), called Crystal Jade Palace. Very classy and the food is fantastic, but so is the price! :-P

  6. to tankiasu:
    ... but this one has special nice view of the waterfront mah...
    Yeah, at first I thought that the concept is different from the Takashimaya outlet (modern vs traditional) but when I passed by the Taka outlet, I noticed that it has been revamped with renovation.
    So now both places are just as modern and classy and expensive!

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