Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Better late than never....

A big THANK YOU to:
  • Pat,
  • Soon to be Mr and Mrs Lim (Albert & Serina),
  • Sneexe, and
  • Z

... FOR THE:

  • Cake, and
  • Heaps of ultra delicious chocolates
Boy, was I surprised.

PS/ I will be away for a couple of days (and may not have access to the internet) so if you don't see me moderating/ replying your comments, please don't be irritated with me and think that I am so snobby or that I don't care... I care very much! And I am so not snobby at all! Cool? :)

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  1. Your birthday isit?

  2. to tankiasu:
    Actually my birthday was more than a month ago... That's why I was so surprised....

  3. i knew it... i missed your birthday! i remember your darling gave u a lg chocolate hp last year! :D anyways, happy belated birthday yah...

    away? to where? ;)

  4. You're welcome :)

    ...took me nearly 2 hours choosing the chocolates... the shop girls were so "hover-y" it was annoying.

    What was even more annoying was they couldn't do anything except tell me what was written on the box.

    eg "this one are apricot chocolate miss"

    Yes I know you can read, thank you very much. :p

    They really need to educate their sales staff better.

  5. to meiyen:
    No worries....
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    (Oh, I just went on a short weekend trip to Singapore...)

    to sneexe:
    Somehow I'm not suprised - friendly & competent service is (sadly) a rarity in Msia....
    Anyway, thanks...
    I think I've gained about 2 pounds from the chocolates I have eaten so far but I'll worry about that later.
    (They're just so yummyyyyy)


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