Monday, October 01, 2007

Back To Reality


Am home.
Just arrived back in KL via Nice bus.
Slept the whole way back but still feel tired......

It's terrible though - the food on the Nice bus has deteriorated so much.
Last time, they used to serve a small but ok tasting serving of fried rice/ meehoon/ nasi lemak once in a while but nowadays it always seems to be sandwiches.
(And sometimes the sandwiches are shockingly empty - practically two slices of cold bread with mayonnaise, butter, a slice of tomato and some random leafy vegetable)

Oh well, it's just a bus ride and not a gourmet experience lah, I suppose.
Still, I wish I could have an option to not to be served food and get a 5 buck discount or something like that - it's such a waste anyway since I hardly ever eat the food they serve (unless I'm really THAT hungry - usually I just tahan until I reach Singapore/ KL).

Off to bed now.
(Arrrgh. Morning meeting tomorrow....)


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