Thursday, October 04, 2007

Talk Is Cheap

Beware - very wordy and very rant-y post ahead....

Question of the day:
Who do you go to if you are feeling very frustrated with your pay/ job/ rank/ etc at work?

Possible answers:
1) Direct Boss?:
Tried that. Didn't work.
Anyway, apparently "there is nothing he can do because his hands are tied by the HR people".
He hasn't even returned my half year assessment because he's just too busy/ wants to discuss with my other boss first but couldn't manage to catch him/ etc etc etc.
I believed him the first time he told me that. And I still belived him (to a certain extent) when he repeated pretty much the same thing for the second and third time... but after waiting for more than 2 months, I think I am only human if I have begun to doubt the sincerity and truth in his words.

2) Indirect Boss?:
He's also very busy.
Although he seems to care a wee bit more... because he actually asked me where my long overdue half year assessment is (but of course, he wouldn't go and rush Mr Direct Boss for it because that would be inappropriate).

3) HR People?:
No way!
I know how much they care.
I refuse to talk to them anymore - I only get depressed when I hear any of their propaganda.
On one hand they say: "Oh,.. we are moving towards a network organisation. No more hierachy so you will find you don't get promoted much. Instead, you will have wonderful job diversification across many different functions, which will enrich your life and add value to yourself."
BUT on the other hand, they say: "We will only ever pay you however much your job function is worth in the market... Not happy? There's the door."
What does that mean?
More or less: You will be moving sideways in the organisation a lot because that's how we're structuring it now so you will learn lots but your pay will never increase much because you will not be promoted much (or at all). If you don't like it then you can leave. Bye bye.

I feel so lost.

Is it my fault because I am too much of a pushover? Maybe I just don't know how to negotiate properly to get what I'm worth.

Or maybe I am just so bad at my job that this is the way my bosses are trying to tell me to leave? (Even though they have only said good things to me when they make comments about my work).

Do I stop trying to work hard/ improve and just clock in my 9 to 5 everyday, clock out and don't care?

Do I go look for a new job?

Is it that maybe I'm just too impatient? Maybe my bosses are just waiting for me to learn more before I get a promotion/ pay adjustment?

Do I stay patient and trust that my bosses have some sort of a career path planned for me?

Do I just smile and keep telling myself "Oh, I love my job so much that I don't care if I earn pretty much the same amount forever and cannot afford to buy a nice house for myself even if I work hard/ long hours... It's ok! Trying to secure a comfortable retirement plan is like, SO overrated anyway."

Always no answers.
Only more and more questions in my head.

Stressed out and feeling like crap,

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  1. you never know where this life is going to take you, you have to be strong. keep your head up, and keep your feet in the game. nothing you want is rarely giving, if you want it , you have to take it.

  2. I just had a talk with my boss too. Was pretty disgruntled but fortunately things are getting better after the talk.

    But I guess you have to start considering other options elsewhere if they still treat you indifferently like that.

  3. to wuching:
    Stop being a bad influence Mr Wuching!
    No lah, I would never ever resort to doing such a thing no matter how disgruntled I get.
    (I am a good girl, ok?)

    to b:
    Yeah, I know.
    Life is hard.
    I don't expect things to just fall into my lap so easily... but sometimes when I'm feeling tired/low, it just feels like too much.
    (I just need time to catch my breath and put in some deep thinking before I plot out my path, I guess)

    to tankiasu:
    I'm happy to hear that your talk turned out well.
    I'm still hoping for the best with my 2 bosses (there's more hope now that 1 boss has just had a few words with me) but until I have something on paper or at least get my half year assessment back (reaching 3 months late already!!!), I won't really feel very stable....

  4. Sorry, I do not know you and if for any reason, you probably don’t care what I have to say anyway.

    To me, you sound like you are whining. I am not trying to be mean, but merely stating a fact. There is no way your bosses are going to ‘plan your career path’ because I honestly think that should be YOUR task.

    If you feel disgruntled over your current situation, please take charge of your own life. Your pleas are falling on deaf ears, so move on. I am sure there are other companies out there worth looking into.

    I can only say this much because I was in your position and I decide what is best for myself and I am earning a whopping 60% on top of my previous pay with the same company with a promotion because I know what I am worth and I demand for it. If not, it’s other door I will be knocking on.

    You decide.

  5. to cher:
    Of course it sounds like I'm whining - I totally am!
    (So, totally agree with you there)
    Just needed to vent a bit.... and for me, letting it out and putting it into words helps me put it into perspective a little.

    Sorry if it seems like I am inflicting my whinge on you and everyone out there.... I was feeling super low/ disppointed and angry at the time because my manager kept giving me the same excuses on why he doesn't have my formal signed appraisal ready to give back to me.....

    I had actually put quite a few clear erm... demands/ requests into my appraisal session and he said he's more or less ok with it, since my performance is good but that he needs to talk to my other boss and come back to me... After waiting for 2 months though, I was feeling super frustrated.

    I mean, I know they are both busy but I shouldn't have to beg to get my appraisal back. Besides, I've seen ppl burnt by trusting too much into verbal promises.

    Anyway, thanks for your pointers.
    I've already put a few actions in place... now I'll just give it a little (bit more) time and see what happens...

  6. ouch..if its 3 mths too late, this doesnt sound good, well at least his/her actions doesnt look long does it take to get back an assessment anywayz if you were great?..

    i believe talk is the best move..if not..start updating ur resume..

  7. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    That's the thing - Dunno whether he just said that I am good, good, good but secretly he is thinking : Eeyer. This girl is a waste of time and space.
    Well, I hope that's not what he thinks, in any case I don't think I've given him any reason to think that.
    I've already asked him (and my other boss) another time very recently.... and if still nothing happens, the only thing I will ask for next is either a transfer or whether they don't mind to write me a good referral letter so that I can leave quickly.

  8. or, you can buy a gun, and force him to give you a raise

  9. to b:
    Well, that may work until the cops catch me and throw me in the loony bin...
    I would never resort to such violent measures anyway!
    Besides, I don't have/ can't get a gun...


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