Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Singapore Hokkien Mee

Another convenient yet delicious place to try out Singapore Hokkien Mee....

(This will be a super quick food update)

Looking for a decent plate of Singapore Hokkien Mee whilst you are shopping in the Orchard Road area in Singapore?

Well, look no further!
There is an extremely decent one served up in Food Republic, the food court on the top floor of Wisma Atria (that's the blue coloured shopping centre right next to Takashimaya):
The Hokkien Mee!

Overall, the texture and taste of this dish was good:
- Noodles were not starchy,
- Decent amount of seafood (squid and prawns) for the price,
- Right amount/ balance of tasty sauce, not too wet yet not too dry, and
- Thick sambal that was fragrant and not too spicy.
(My only complaint is that they didn't deshell the prawns for lazy buggers like me)

Another specialty at that Hokkien Mee stall is the "Orr Chien" (oyster ommelette?):
The "Orr chien" there...

It was just a tad too oily for my tastebuds but tasty nonetheless, especially with a dab of the yummy chili sauce that had a nice sour zing to it.

If there's one thing I have to warn you about venturing here though is that you must be prepared to possibly wait a long time for the noodles (there's usually a looooong line at this stall). When you finally get your hands on that yummy plate of Hokkien Mee though, the battle's only half over because you will then have to concentrate your efforts on finding a free table in this popular (i.e. super packed) food court:
A peek at the busy food court area...

So, the thicker your skin the better!
And best to put a strategy in place : Like, one person in the group lines up for food whilst the rest hunt for a table.

So, it's: Convenient, delicious and affordable Singaporean Hokkien Mee (and ok tasting "Orr Chien") in a clean and modern food court in the Orchard Road area BUT Singapore Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit forex tends to hurt the wallets of poor Malaysians like myself and be prepared to fight for a table/ line up and wait for your food!

Summary Information:
Hokkien Mee @ Food Republic Food Court, Wisma Atria, Singapore

Opening Hours: 11am till late.
Phone: -
Address: Top Level, Food Republic Food Court, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore.

(Well, to be specific: I didn't see any pork dishes at the Hokkien Mee stall but there were other stalls in this food court which did serve pork. Still, better to be safe than sorry so please make sure you double check on Halal-ness when you order - I don't know whether there are any "secret ingredients" in the dish)

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  1. "orr chien" yumzzz... never really tried before da sg version... it's hard to get a good "orr chien" in kl though.... so far da best tasted, in penang :)

  2. to meiyen:
    Well, the Sg version is not very different from ours! Same kinda ingredients, taste and way of cooking.
    Mmmm, Penang Orr Chien...
    Evil Meiyen! You make me crave for food that's about 500km away from me - how lah?

  3. hi hi. well yeah i agree the hokkien mee is good though i still find it a bit watery. perhaps you might want to try an excellent traditional one at Yishun Interchange. Its served with pork fat upon request.

    Also at Wisma Food Republic is a wonderful chinese rojak stall. excellent!

  4. to justin d.p.:
    Well, I am glad to see you share my good taste in food. Haha.. :)

    Great! Now I have a new place to check out for yummy sg hokkien mee (with sinful but yummy pork fat some more! *drool*).

    Thanks for pointing it out. :)

  5. EVEN closer to home, JQ dear ... Thye Hong, Food Republic @ Pavilion. It's good!!!

    For a foodie who has previously lived 4 years in Singapore ... I have to say this is pretty darn close to THE REAL THING i.e. Wisma Atria's and Newton Circus'!!

  6. to julian si:
    Somehow I still find the original in Singapore nicer.... :(
    But I suppose, it's much more convenient to go to Pavilion instead of travelling several hundred km for a plate of noodles. :)


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