Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.....

Selamat Hari Raya....!

It's that time of year again : The time of forgiveness, love and celebration with family and friends. Also the time of delicious lemang, ketupat and rendang and kuih raya.
(MMmmmmmmmmm, hungry)


I hope that you are all having fun whether you are back in your kampungs or just lazing around in KL/ PJ like me....

Waiting for her Duit Raya although she's probably too old already,

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  1. hello... i am a newbie in ur blog..
    i came across ur blog when i am looking into delicious food in malaysia..
    i am searching for a proper n romantic restaurant with good food.. i hope to get some advice from you...
    if its possible .. do u mind to email me ( i have hotmail, friendster n also msn... thx u so much...

    also... sorry for the random post which is not related to the topic..

    thx you so much... hope to seek ur advice..

  2. to anonymous:
    Will try to email you soon.
    But just off hand, some romantic restaurants (that I have tried):
    1) Cafe Cafe (Jln Maharajalela, KL) - ok food (used to be better), nice French setting,
    2) Gobo Chit Chat (Traders Hotel, KL) - ok food (Local/ Jap/ Western)(ask for a booth seat - the normal tables in the open area are not so romantic)
    3) Cilantro (MiCasa Hotel Suites, Jalan Tun Razak, KL) - really nice food, probably the best foie gras in town (French Jap fusion), very expensive though.
    4) Villa Danielli (Sheraton Imperial, KL) - nice food (Italian), they may still be under renovations though....

    Actually, there are tonnes of good romantic restaurants in Msia (depending on what food/ setting you want) but these are some that I have tried so far....
    (Hope that helps)

  3. thx u so much for ur advice...

    i am just thinkin of lookin for a romantic restaurant..serving good western food... most probably steaks.. or spaghetti..

    and also.. the price matters.. hope to find a place with reasonable price... i am stil just a student..

    i am findin a restaurant to celebrate with my gal.. thx so much for ur advice...

    also.. hopefully its sumwhere within kl n selangor...

    thx u so much! by the way.. i am wai hong...

    i will look into the few u say... i have look into every restaurant in ur review..hehe thx!~.. u have a nice blog... indeed delicious blog!!!

  4. to anonymous/ Wai Hong:
    Awww, that's sweet...
    (It's so nice that you are taking your girl out for a nice dinner....)
    Depending on your budget, I think Villa Danieli (>RM120++ per person for a 3 course meal if you order the meat/ seafood, less if you order the pastas) and Cilantro (>RM170++ per person for a 3 course meal) may be totally out.
    (I find them too expensive myself - servings are tasty but small... typical "gourmet" style.... Was lucky to have been able to try them out - discount card/ ppl belanja)

    Gobo Chit Chat and Cafe Cafe are not so bad considering the special ambience (can be ok or expensive, depending on what you order).

    Another option can be Porto Romano @ TTDI - I love the food there! Really nice spaghetti and lamb shank (if you don't mind to sacrifice on the ambience a little bit - it's in a housing area so sometimes you get ppl very casually dressed/ families).

    Oh, oh.... Alexis BSC is also not bad - quite romantic and not too expensive (although the servings there are also small).

    Erm, as you can see, there are many options.... but no matter where you choose, I hope you will have a wonderful and romantic celebration with your girl....

  5. to anonymous/ Wai Hong:
    Actually, the most romantic is if you cook for her! - shows maximum effort and sincerity.
    ... but make sure your cooking is ok first of course.

  6. haha.... i have made spag for her few times...

    but for this celebration..

    i would like to take her out for something special..

    ya.. i hope to cook too but the problem is..there isnt a proper place for us.. hehe

    not my house.. nor her house... hehe

    so sad bout tat...

    thx for ur help!! really grateful!!

  7. to anonymous/ Wai Hong:
    Awwwww.... so sweet! You cooked for her before....
    Anyway, no problem!
    I'm glad to be of service.

  8. thx so much.... may i have ur email.. or do u have msn or friendster?

    mine is

  9. anonymous, you're so sexy, I added you


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