Thursday, October 18, 2007

Weighing Scales Are Evil


How can it be?
I've been eating less and going to the gym regularly (well, more regularly than ever before anyway) and when I stepped on the weighing scale today, it went further to the right!

Even as I am sitting here typing, I can feel the soreness in pretty much all my muscles so I refuse to believe that I have gained weight or specifically, any fat on my body. It can only be that:
1) I have gained loads of muscles (which everyone knows is much heavier than fat), OR (most probably)
2) the weighing scale is spoilt/ evil/ lieing to me.

And that's that.


PS/ Don't worry, will update on food soon. Between work and the gym, I have to put aside some time for things like sleep so I've been a little short on time.... Oh, also, I think I am getting addicted to playing Scrabble (or Scrabulous, as they call it) on FaceBook.

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  1. I am going threw the same thing. I don't understand it. but........ lemme give you some advice, that you didn't ask for. make sure you weigh yourself in the morning. before you ate all day. that is the only way one of those liars would tell you the closes truth about your weight. but that is what I would do if I had a scale,but I rather measure myself. my waist, not the other thing.

  2. to b:
    Well, thanks for the advice.
    I'll try it out tomorrow morning...
    (I still believe that weighing scales are evil though, but I believe that tape measures are even more evil actually!)

  3. Hi..nice food reviews you've written! :P

    anyway, was having same frus w the scale, so, now, i've gotten myself a new digital scale instead! so, the numbers are more accurate, and minus out any `unstabilities". :P

    try and see!

  4. to northern babe:
    Awww. Thanks for the compliment.....

    I think I should go and get one of those digital scales too... but if it turns out that it really is that I am (somehow) gaining weight - I'll be so sad!


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