Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not Tonight, Honey


No food updates.

I've been busy...
... and also feeling a little under the weather.

The combination of the above factors have caused me to totally lose my appetite so I haven't really been eating much lately.
(Still not losing weight yet though, darn!)


So, I can't comment very much on anything to eat except maybe on the excitingly effective properties of Clarinase (and how it strangely makes me feel a little light headed, although not drowsy).

Tired and high on flu meds,

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  1. ahhh.. you aren't alone! i am down with cough and flu too...... :( have a good weekend and great raya holidays yah..;)

  2. to meiyen:
    Oh no....
    (It must be the weather - raaaaain, hot, raaaain, hot - how not to fall sick?)

    I hope you feel better soon too...
    And hope that you have a fantastic Raya holiday also.

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