Monday, October 15, 2007

Mee Jawa

New-ish restaurant serving local favourites at the base of Casa Tropicana condominium (Tropicana golf club area)....

P and I were passing by the new Casa Tropicana condo (in the Tropicana golf club area) when we noticed that there were a few new restaurants opened at the shophouses in the base of the condo.

"Mee jawa!", P exclaimed excitedly, "Let's go try it!"
(Totally ignoring the Secret Recipe outlet and a restaurant/cafe called MJ Cafe)
(He confessed later on that Mee Jawa is one of his favourite foods)

The Lunch

The exterior of Mee Jawa is very inviting, with a cute kampung style setting:
The Exterior of Mee Jawa

Going inside, the interior is similarly decorated - cosy and simple but you can tell the owners put a lot of care into it:
The Interior

That day we were pretty hungry so we sampled 3 of the restaurant's specialties. First up, the Assam Laksa (about RM7++):
The Assam Laksa

If you like assam laksas with a thick soup that's not too spicy and has a sweet taste, then you will probably like this.
(I don't like sweet assam laksas though so I didn't enjoy it too much...)

Next up, we tried the Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak (about RM8++):
The Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam

Overall, it was ok.
Not fantastic but not bad either.
The curry chicken was tasty but only moderately tender, the rice was fairly fragrant and the sambal was thick but a bit sweet.

Lastly, of course we sampled the trademark of the restaurant, the Mee Jawa (about RM7++):
Mee Jawa

I found the serving size a bit small (not enough for big eaters like me - haha) but liked it.
The sauce was savoury and thick (but not too thick). The crispy crackers,tofu, egg and small serving of sambal and sotong also complemented the noodles very well and it tasted especially good with the lime squeezed on.
(All in all a nice light meal)

So, the place wasn't exactly perfect (some of the food was only ok) but I wouldn't mind going back again to try the Mee Jawa again in this nice neighbourhood restaurant.

So it's: Ok tasting local favourites, nice cosy "kampung style" ambience BUT prices (although fairly reasonable) are not that cheap.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Mee Jawa @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

Taste: 6
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM12/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - a main meal and side dish, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-
Opening Hours: 12noon - 10pm


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  1. slurpy...... must make my way there.... :D

  2. to meiyen:
    Don't miss out on the Mee Jawa!
    It's yummy.
    (But smaaaall.... I can eat 2 servings easily!)
    (Uh oh... or maybe just I'm greedy and fat?)

  3. Eh how to get to this place?

  4. to tankiasu:
    Let's say you're on the small road passing by the main entrance of Tropicana on your left.

    Keep going down that road until you are near the main traffic light (where you would turn right to go to Riana Green condo).
    This restaurant is at the base of the new orangey/cream coloured condo (called Casa Tropicana) which is next to that traffic light (a few doors away from the 7-11). Just be careful because the turning into the condo shops is just a short distance after the housing area road on the left/ just before the traffic light area.

    Are my directions ok?
    (It's not that hard to find, especially if you are familiar with the area)

  5. to tenkiasu:
    Had another good look at Casa Tropicana today...
    I think it's more of a red/brownish/cream colour rather than orangey/cream...
    (Hope that helps)

  6. Great recommendation ... much enjoyed :-)

    ps . Pinched ya directions for my Blog!

  7. to julian si:
    THIEF!! >_<

    Haha. Kidding....
    It's really no problem at all... especially since you link back to me anyway.

    Am just happy you enjoyed the food there.
    (Yay! My recommendations are "boleh guna"!)

  8. Heh heh ... Hamburglar thanks you!


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