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Laomazis Home Cooked Dishes @ Jalan Ipoh, KL

Interesting little restaurant that aims to "Revive Local Dialect Food"....

"What a quaint little restaurant", I thought as we walked up to Laomazi (roughly translated as "mother" in Cantonese?).

Tucked away (sort of in an alleyway) behind Menara Yoon Cheng, off Jalan Ipoh, it's definitely not a restaurant that I would have stumbled across/found on my own, as it is out of my usual comfort zone:
(Map at the end of the post!)
The restaurant "main entrance", at the back of the building....

Again, my colleague (Thank you Mr Wing!) lived up to his reputation as our KL F&B Manager and brought us to this interesting place.

I think due to the renovations being done, the restaurant is sort of in a make shift area (which used to be a car park, judging from the yellow boxes painted on the floor!), but it's still comfortable - well ventilated and well lit:
Inside the restaurant....

Not only do they have a wide range of dishes on their menu (fish, prawns, chicken, pork, venison, vegetables, tofu, etc. prepared in a variety of styles)... but some of them sound really interesting.
(Like the quirkily named "Doggy Duck", which I hope to try the next round)

After some deliberation, here's what we ate that day...
- Chin Chai Steamed Fish (RM 42):
Healthy protein option :)....

The flesh of fish was fresh and perfectly steamed - supple yet moist, complemented by the slightly spicy, sweet and salty black bean sauce.
(Actually, I don't particularly like the sweetness of black bean sauce, but I think that this is better than average)

- Smoked Pork Belly (RM 19):
A porky line up....

Not bad. :)
The meat was fragrant of spices, and tender enough, although still with some bite. A few pieces were a bit too fat though (80% fat and 20% meat?).. and 1 of my colleagues said he could taste a hint of the yucky porky smell....
(I didn't notice though)

- Spicy Pepper Stomach Soup (RM 18):
Great on a rainy day....

Also not bad. :)
Not quite spicy enough but it was still pretty good, with tender slices of pork stomach - my first time actually eating this! Got past my squeamishness and took the plunge to munch on piggy spare parts...

- Salted Egg Brinjal (RM 14):
Crispy slices of eggplant....

Yummy - The fairly thin slices of brinjal had a lovely crisp texture, not oily and oh so fragrant from the bits of garlic and chili.... I didn't taste much salted egg though...
(Still, would definitely order this again - delicious....)

- Rice Wine Egg (RM 18):
Claypot of heartwarming broth....

While there was enough rice wine in the broth, it was a little on the sweet side. The egg was also kinda forgettable in the mix, not leaving much of an impression...
(This was the only dish we all didn't like that much, but mostly because are tastebuds are skewed to salty, I guess...)

Including rice and Chinese tea, this meal only cost us about RM 21 per person, which I thought is really reasonable (for KL prices).
(Am thinking of taking my parents there soon!)

I have attached a map at the bottom to help you look for this place, but just in case, look out for this landmark:
(This building is on the main road, and the restaurant is at the base of it but you have to enter it by turning into the alley behind the building)
The front facade of Menara Yoon Cheng....

So, it's: Simple but comfortable setting, wide range of interesting Chinese dishes at reasonable prices, free parking behind the building! (for now) BUT your car will get a bit dusty (major construction next door) and traffic in that area can be a pain....

Summary Information:;
Laomazis @ Jalan Ipoh, KL

Opening Hours: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (Note: Closed on Monday)
Phone: +603 90768606/ +6012 236 9893/ +6012 223 1132
Address: Basement, Wisma Yoon Cheng, No. 726, 4 1/2 Miles Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.



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  1. ooooh, what's in the doggy duck? is there a canine component stuffed in it?! i want! :D
    the name "chin chai steamed fish" sounds strange though. i'm not sure whether it's hainanese or what, but i recall "chin chai" meaning "never mind" or "tak apa" or something like that...

  2. to Sean:
    Dunno whether got any canine component in the Doggy Duck but it sounds interesting, right? :)
    (These sort of places are best visited with a big group tho I think - then can try more dishes)

  3. Been meaning to try this place out but until now still no such luck :(

  4. to babe_kl:
    Well, there's always dinner time tomorrow? :)
    (BTW we still haven't made it to that Szechuan place!)


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