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Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

A famous Hong Kong dessert restaurant has arrived at our shores :) ....

I heard about this new and apparently famous dessert restaurant chain from Hong Kong (newly opened in Sunway Giza, just a few months ago), and dropped by after dinner with some friends to satiate our sweet teeth.

The location isn't very good** but it's actually fairly easy to find - just look for the Hong Leong bank branch on the outer corner, and its just a few shops away around the corner.
(** It's in the outer layer of shops with no door from the main courtyard inside Sunway Giza, and it's not even facing the main road)
Outside Lucky Dessert....

There, you have a choice of either sitting in the simple but comfortable air conditioned section inside or in the also comfortable open air area outside.

I forced my friends to sit outside because the whole inside section smells faintly of durian (due to their specialty desserts). It's not that it's that bad lah, just that I CAN'T STAND the stuff so I'm sensitive to even the slightest whiff of (durian) scents.
(Sorry for not being very Malaysian... :P)
Outside, looking in....

Similar to our home grown KTZ (Kei Tak Zek) outlets, Lucky Dessert has a large (actually, larger I think) variety of desserts like heartwarming tong sui (eg. red bean soup, fuu chok yee mai), sago lo lo, ice cream, pastries and many more.
(The key difference is that they do not serve any mains/savoury food, opting to specialise only in desserts)

That night, I decided to try the Mango Rollz (RM 10):
The Mango Rolls....

The crepe "skin" of the roll was supple but not starchy, with a good amount of smooth cream and ripe yet firm mango cubes inside. Overall, nice but I just wish the mango and cream were more fragrant - would be more outstanding to me.

We also ordered the Trinity Mango Delight (RM 11):
Icy dessert....

Overall it was pretty good - refreshing and not too sweet, with an interesting mix of textures from the bits of pomelo, mango, ice and jelly(? dunno what these little black dotty things are called - always thought they look like frog eggs though. *lol*).

I told my friends that the Durian Crisp (RM 15) is one of the key specialties here, so (being lovers of that thorny King of Fruits), they had to have it:
Stinky/ Fragrant? Depends on you....

Obviously, I didn't take a single bite of this (as I was too busy suffocating) but my friends RAVED about how fabulous it tasted - fragrant chunks of good quality durian that was moist yet not too gloopy enveloped in a light and crisp pastry, atop a bed of icing sugar.

Those who cannot stand the smell/ taste of durian (like me) but want something similar can order the Banana Crisp (RM 12) instead:

Nice, as the bananas were moist and the pastry was crispy.... but next time, I will order some ice cream to go with this - it's just not the same without it!

While the prices are slightly more expensive than some local dessert restaurant chains, I thought it was ok... as the environment is nice and the quality of the fruit/ ingredients used seemed pretty good.
(Now I know where I can go when I get my sugary cravings!)

Summary Information:;
Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) @ Sunway Giza

Opening Hours: 12 noon to 11.30 pm
Phone: +603-61483798
Address: C-11-G, Sunway Giza 2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.



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  1. i must say im a fan of Fatt Kei Desserts, HK. The durian pancake, has been one of their specialty.
    Passed by the branch in sunway giza the other day and it pricked my curiosity whether it was related to my fav dessert place in HK, well well.. looks like this is worth a try :)

  2. Hehe. I happen to be VERY Malaysian in this instance and lovelovelove DURIAN! I'd have tried every durian dish they had and then some! :D

  3. Our mangoes will never be as nice as the ones in HK though, since they use Phillipines pungent and sweet ones. Must go chk it out since I love HK desserts.

  4. i too cannot stand the durian smell @@. but then heard a lot of good review over here. will go check it out :P

  5. I love mangos but not the cream :( that;s why I didn't like this dish when I first had it in 1Utama

  6. I love mangos but not the cream :( that;s why I didn't like this dish when I first had it in 1Utama

  7. man ,the stuff looks super fattening! hahahaa

  8. ooh, i don't quite like durians either (though i enjoy them in desserts), and i'm apathetic toward mangoes. my favorite local fruits are mangosteens and ciku! hopefully there'll be more desserts made of those two fruits sometime, but i kinda doubt it, heheh :D

  9. to AugustDiners:
    Well, I hope the Sunway Giza branch is up to the original HK branch standards so that you will be able to enjoy all the desserts closer to home. :)

    to Life for Beginners:
    Well I certainly won't fight you for it - so, more durian for you, my friend. :P

    to boo_licious:
    Hope you'll enjoy it but yeahhhh I wish the mangoes were more fragrant - then the dessert would have been really nice instead of just ok/nice. :(

    to ai wei:
    Do what I did - sit outside so that the smell is not so bad. :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Maybe next time you can ask them to take out the cream? But then maybe it will be too dry....
    (Good that you don't like the cream - that's the most fattening part, I think!)

    to jason:
    Yeah... it's definitely not cheap...
    (But it does feel like they are using good quality fresh fruits/ ingredients..)

    to Cumi dan Ciki:
    Unfortunately, it most probably is!
    (More gym or I'll become a chubby chocoholic! lol)

    to Sean:
    Hmmmmm... actually, quite rare to find those desserts... Ooh, there's that new Magnolia(?) Mangosteen sorbet in supermarkets now - have you tried that?

  10. nope, i haven't tried that sorbet (i haven't set foot in a supermarket in, ermm, years!!!). but i wonder if a sorbet can replicate the best things about mangosteen ... its juicy, super-sweet pulpiness :D

  11. Ahh.. how can you NOT like durian?? Hehe.. I haven't tried this but heard plenty of my friends raving about the durian crisp too! Must have it one day!

  12. Hi J, thanks for writing a wonderful review for us. Appreciate you taking the time to visit us. Just a general info for all our supporters, we use phillipine mangoes for our desserts too. The local mangoes are not as suitable for our items therefore we spend a lot to import it in to ensure quality is as per our Hong kong principle.

    From time to time, Lucky Dessert in HK also send down their Dessert Master Chef to check our quality,consistency and ingredients use. We work as a team to ensure only the best is being delivered to our customers.

    For tongsui lovers, you may want to try our new CheatNut Tongsui and the refine Black Sesame which is probably the preferred choice among many locals who tried it.

    Thanks once again and look forward to yor visit again soon.

    Best Regards,
    Lucky Dessert

  13. to Sean:
    Actually I haven't tasted it yet either! Been meaning to.... but keep forgetting to pick it up at the supermarket... :)

    to iamthewitch:
    Sorrrry lah. :P
    I guess I am not a very good Malaysian - dunno why but ever since I was young I have hated the smell and taste of durian.

    to Suan:
    Oh, no problem. Just my simple and honest words.... and thanks for the information. :)

  14. to thenomadGourmand:
    If you like that (smelllly) fruit, then go check this place out. :)

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