Thursday, January 06, 2011

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL

Photo filler post?: A walk around Taman Titiwangsa inspired some thoughts....

Time seems to fly by so very fast,
From one day to another - a year has passed,
Stress infects, so take some time,
To relax, to reflect, to clear your mind

Sometimes you must see,
Beyond just "me"

(Looking at the famous sights from a different point of view was quite interesting... KLCC looks really pretty and serene from this angle)

Don't worry about things too far ahead,
Just cross that bridge when you come to it
(It was nice walking along the fairly well maintained paths, shaded by the trees.. and looking at the little "rivers" and lakes)

The actions we choose are like ripples on the water,
So, endeavour to do good, to make things better
(The lake was surprisingly clean, by Malaysian standards)

When you feel yourself hovering at the edge of darkness,
Just take a step back and smell the flowers
(Cannot be compared to the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens of course, but there were pockets of nice flowers to look at)

Treasure your loved ones, show them their worth,
Don't wait till its too late, to share your feelings and words
(Actually, I think this here "pledge of love" is considered VANDALISM. There are other, better ways to express your feelings lah, don't you think so?)

Life can be cruel, but try to leave your pain and scars behind,
Keep your eyes and heart open! - you never know what you'll find

(KITTY! It was looking at me so suspiciously, but it was so cute)

Post 2010 contemplations,

Yes lah. This post is mushy and kinda naive(?) sounding... but just some thoughts that came to mind when I was walking around the park, trying to clear my mind.... :)
(Also, NINA: If you are reading this, I hope you are not foaming in the mouth from my "creative" usage of the English language :P)

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  1. Me thinks you should wean of your diet of Udon just a bit. A wee bit will do :P *runs and hides*

    LOL! I kid...I kid...Lovely prose J!

  2. the park photos are pretty. except for the one with the twin towers, i wouldn't have guessed this was tasik titiwangsa. but i don't think i've ever visited this park. i just imagine it'd be too hot and uncomfortable to stroll outside here during our daytime weather...
    i love the sentiments you expressed here. every line rings true =)

  3. to Unka:
    HEY! Wot's that supposed to mean harr? >_<

    On another note: Thanks... :)

    to Sean:
    I was really surprised how nice an evening walk can be there too!
    (That was pretty much my first time at that park)

    ... Dunno why but was feeling contemplative and took a very sudden detour off my route to go around the park - decided to take a walk and snap photos. :)
    (So many ppl were taking their evening jog/ dating and kept looking at me funny tho. lol)

  4. Ermm if ur ever in need of goin there again, i dun mind joinin u ..but i'll be runnin ;p

    then we go dim sum after tht!

  5. Nice place indeed.. Too bad it's SO far from where I stay! :(

  6. to thenomadGourmand:
    If it's on a weekend morning - no waaaaay!!! :P
    (I'll be too busy sleeping! LOL)

    Maybe one weekday evening? If it doesn't rain... then we can go makan somewhere? :)

    to iamthewitch:
    Yeah,... I wish I could go there more easily too. I have Kelana Jaya and TTDI park fairly nearby but Titiwangsa is prettier! :)

  7. I used to come here when i was a kid. Then i grew up and forgotten about the place until i needed to Zorb. Oktxbye.

  8. to qwazymonkey:


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)