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Romulus Hub @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

Yet another coffee franchise, but with a slight difference :) ....

In case you were wondering:

Mini history/ mythology lesson:

One part of the mythical twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, who were half God/ half human and raised by a wolf.....

(For more details, you can refer to Wikipedia, or an actual book :P...)


I don't know why they named it after such a mythical and powerful Roman icon, but from the outside, Romulus Hub just looked like any other normal coffee place... I had never tried it before though so I thought, "Why not?":
Outside Romulus....

Inside, it was cosy and fairly spacious, with the colourful murals evoking images of Europe.... but also fairly empty. Actually, I'm not sure if this is a normal occurance, as it was the New Year weekend when most of KL was like a ghost town (from ppl being away for holidays, etc):
Comfy sofas are available....

I had the Mocha Romaniccino (RM 12.50 for large) and PA had the Espresso Macchiato (RM 6):
The ice blended Mocha and the Macchiato....

I liked that my ice blended Mocha was not too sweet, and well blended (no chunky ice chips) but otherwise, it was just ok - would have liked it to be a bit more chocolatey.
(... but maybe I'm just greedy like that. :P)

As for PA's choice, he said it was ok... but noted that Expresso Macchiatos shouldn't be served with a huge dollop of cream.

Although we already had dinner, PA decided that we were not fat enough and ordered the Smoked Chicken and Sweet Corn Tortilla Pizza (RM 12.50) to share:
Sort of like thin crust pizza....

The toppings are very simple (slices of smoked chicken sausage, juicy kernels of corn and ample amounts of possibly not very high quality but yummy cheese), but somehow I really enjoyed the mix of flavours and textures atop the light, crunchy tortilla base.
(Definitely wouldn't mind ordering this again)

For dessert, we shared the Chocolate Orange Mousse (RM 11.50):

Overall, not bad - the sponge layer was moist, matched well with the smooth chocolate mousse with bits of orange rind in it...

One of the specialties there are the pretzels which are (wow!) freshly baked/ made to order, so we tried the Original Pretzel (RM 7.80):
Twisted bread....

To be fair, I found it just ok - it was freshly baked (as advertised) and with an interesting fluffy yet slightly dense texture... but overall the taste was a little bland for my palate. Still, I think I am outvoted on this as TNG and PA really enjoyed this.
(BTW: Tuesday is Pretzel day - 50% discount of all pretzels! I think I'll go there then to try out the Cinnamon Sugar and Parmesan pretzels....)

What I really liked about Romulus was that most of the food is freshly prepared, instead of the usual pre-packed then just reheated food served at most other coffee chains**... and that's definitely what will keep me coming back if I'm in the area.
(** It's not really their fault - It's the way franchisers generally use to control quality amongst their many many outlets, but I feel it does impact the taste and freshness of the food somewhat)

So it's: Fairly new coffee chain in Malaysian, comfortable ambience, wide range of food ranging from freshly baked pretzels to pasta and burgers BUT nothing really bad to say - it won't change your life, but the food options seem decent so far....

PS/ *HUGS to TNG and PA* So nice catching up with you both. :) Here's to many more rounds of food and talking about anything and everything!
(Although I still don't really understand Kant)

Summary Information:;
Romulus Hub @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

Opening Hours: 7am till 11pm.
Phone: +603-6304 9733
Address: No. 2, Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara,50480 KL
50450, Malaysia.



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  1. I wonder if it has a sister, er, brother cafe called ROMUS, then? :P

  2. i heard theres another coffee joint at one of the mt kiara condos, opened by a sydney barista, that def sounds better than this joint haha.

  3. Was about to say mebbe they have plans to open a branch called Remus, but LFB beat me to it :P

  4. Wow, looks like it was a night of feasts, first Korean and this. The thick toast we had was pretty decent too and yeah, macchiato does not have cream. I guess to replace the lack of foam.

  5. to Life for Beginners and UnkaLeong:
    Haha... Well, I haven't seen one yet but I'll keep an eye out for it. :)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Are you referring to that Ristretto place? :)
    (Have got to go check it out soon,... but I did hear there isn't much food there. More of a coffee lovers place)

  6. to Boo_licious:
    It was definitely a very satisfying night, in more ways than one. :)
    (Have yet to try the thick toast there. It did catch my eye though (love carbs!), so probably will head back some time soon....)

  7. I work in the area and have never even thought of walking in. Well, what can I say, coffee's a luxury to me.

  8. Grand name for a coffee place. hehe. I reckon it's a good lepak place after a meal at one of the other restaurants at Solaris.

  9. If you're going there for pretzels next week, lemme know. I might join you. *so tak malu, self invite myself* =P

  10. yikes, if i had been asked what 'romulus' meant, i'd have flunked that quiz, cos i always thought it was just a planet in star trek! :D

  11. to Marcky:
    I lurve coffee! :)
    (... and chocolate, and pork, and well, a lot of things *greedy grin*)

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Yeah, such a grand name, right? :)
    (I guess it's either this or Dr Cafe for a coffee lepak place? - it's always good to have options)

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    There is no "malu, self invite" between friends lah. :P

    to Sean:
    Technically, that isn't wrong either though... :)
    (Live long and prosper!)

  12. Somehow, I think I missed this place when I went there for lunch during New Year eve :D

  13. I like this line of thinking very much... not fat enough so let's have a second dinner! :-D You guys are my heroes!

  14. Hiya! Now... I wonder if the coffee is good. (Waving Hello!!)

    "eally bad to say - it won't change your life, but the food options seem decent so far" - I like how you say this! You GO girl!

    Malaysia Asia

  15. Oops. My bad. Typo. I meant "REMUS", of course. :P

  16. to jason:
    Yarr, it's funny how it doesnt really stand out, horr? - Apparently, this place has been opened since August and I oso never noticed it before until last week!

    to minchow:
    We are working hard on making it so there is more of us to love! lol.

    to David Jr:
    Halllooo. *waves back* :)
    (And: Awww, thanks! I try... Glad you like it...)

    to Life For Beginners:
    You mean Romus is not Remus and Romulus' lesser known cousin/ brother? :P

  17. Well, whether its Romulus or Remus, its now Removed...

  18. to Philip:
    Oh no! Already? It's not been open very long... :(
    (Well, I suppose it was an OD of coffee places in the area - Dr Cafe, Coffee Bean and Romulus were practically right next to each other)


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